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Why I am against these politicians: Wilders, Le Pen, Petry, etc? Although I am against political Islam more than these politicians, but I know that there are other threats beside political Islam. Russia, for example, is a main threat too.  So how to coordinate between fighting political Islam, fighting Russia’s expansionism and interests of nations?

Despite the fact that I am against political Islam, my decisions are not against the good of the people. I simply keep an eye on having a balance of power in the region. I do not contradict my principles, I cannot fight political Islam and act like the political Islamists or the dictatorship of Russia. However, the AfD, FN and Co claim they are against political Islam but act like political Islam or the dictatorship of Assad. Khamenei, Nasrallah and Putin. They deprive their people and prevent the evolution of humanity. But they are not the only problem, the far left is also the problem. One only needs to observe whom RIAH’s media backs or attacks to understand who is serving RIAH’s agenda: the far right and the far left, both are completely destructive.

How to blacklist politicians?

For me it is easy to think clearly. I monitor Russia’s, Iran’s, Assad’s, Hezbollah’s reactions, whoever Russia, Assad, Iran, Hezbollah (RIAH) backs gets blacklisted. And these far right politicians are hugely backed by RIAH. Also the far left like Corbyn, die Linke etc. have a large fan base between RIAH’s media outlets and fans.

And why? It is obvious, because the policy of far right and far left serves the agenda of RIAH.

What is RIAH’s agenda?

Disintegrating the NATO and EU so that Russia’s CSTO can take over countries step by step. Which means Russian hegemony and monopoly. It also means creating dictatorships and stealing the wealth of the people.
Installing puppet governments in European countries led by politicians like Le Pen, Wilders,Petry, Farage, Salvini from the far right or Corbyn, Melenchon, Wagenknecht, etc. from the far left, who will ensure destruction of Europe. The far right will directly destroy the EU by disintegrating it and serving Russia’s and Islam’s agenda. The far left will ally with Russia, let Islam grow and destroy each country on long term.
Islamizing Middle Eastern countries: Shiafication. Exporting Islam Shiafication to Europe under Russia’s cover.
Establishing dictatorships which falsely claim they are democracies, like in Iran’s, Syria’s and Russia’s fake democracies. Thus no transparency, no accountability and no freedom of speech.
Accumulating wealth in the hand of the elite tied to the dictators unlike in NATO states in which Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others were able to become rich.

The Complete Destruction of Mankind

Further, these far right politicians are producing far right extremists with the ideology of being superior and I know so well since my ancestors that extremism can’t defeat political Islam, Taqiyya, a well-planned strategy and not allowing Islamists to terrorize you by fighting back is the path to defeat political Islam. These extremists are also a threat to their own nation, as the generations create a one-sided country, with one ideology and opinion claiming its superiority. This is absolutely destructive to human evolution and development.

Also political Islam whether Sunni or Shia, both want a disintegrated EU and NATO, which are standing as a bulwark against Islamic expansionism. These far right politicians are serving Islam and Russia in their fear from Islam and their greed to power. Russia is a dictatorship which steals the wealth of the people and assassinates the opposition. Thus, thwarting Russia can only occur by defeating Russia’s plans: As above mentioned, Russia aims to disintegrate the NATO and EU so that it can slowly swallow countries and steal them. And once it swallowed Europe all wealth will go to the pocket of Putin. Europe’s wealth will also be stolen and will land in the pockets of the far right politicians. Besides, Europe will be shiafied as it has disintegrated and is under Russia’s hegemony. Congratulations if you want that. I don’t.

Joumana Gebara ~ Middle East Senior Analyst

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