Who is Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo? The Hezbollah terrorist faking as a Christian – Part III

Muslim extremist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is Hezbollah faking as a Christian for several reasons, which do not only include as reported by me in 2016 already: Inciting U.S. citizens against each other and against their pro-democracy officials, but also to hijack the voice of the real Middle Eastern Christians. Why? Simply because they are against Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia as much as they are against Saudi Arabia, Qaeda and ISIS. No difference between the aforementioned, Christians want EQUAL RIGHTS but @sahouraxo is against the EQUAL RIGHTS of Christians.

She tweets the agenda of Russia and Iran to sell to the naive Western public that Christians are “happy” to celebrate in Syria. In reality, it is only a staged show to sell the Russian, Hezbollah agenda. Celebrations in a city due to a huge investment by Assad, Russia Iran and Hezbollah to brainwash Western public, do NOT reflect reality.

The truth is that Christians are stripped from their rights, they are “protected” Dhimmi, last degree citizens living under Islam and a dictatorship which abhors the West and its values. Christians are stripped of wealth, of equal constitutional rights, of freedom of speech. Why doesn’t staunch Muslim Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo tell people the truth? Because she is a paid troll and an ideologue. They [Russia, Iran, Assad, Hezbollah] want the U.S. out of the region, the only obstacle for complete take over, and through Rand Paul they will achieve it and are achieving it, the Russian Rand Paul, the U.S. traitor.

Why didn’t Sarah Abdallah inform the Western how Christians in Syria are being kidnapped by Assad’s thugs for a ransom? Why doesn’t she tell you that Lebanese CHRISTIAN journalist Jessica Azar was threatened by Hezbollah to be killed because she opposes Hezbollah? Why doesn’t she tweet that Hezbollah killed endless Christians till last year? Why doesn’t she tell the public that Shia Muslim stole the land of Christians in Iraq and Syria? Why doesn’t she inform you that Assad assassinated endless Christians opposing him just like his father? Oh, because he didn’t do it while shouting Allahu Akbar? So Assad can kill as long as it is without Allahu Akbar but in the name of Stalin and Lenin and Putin?


Why didn’t Islamist terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo tell you that Shia Muslim are faking the history of Christians and persuading them that the Western Catholic Church was behind all misery of Middle East Christians and only the Russian Eastern Orthodox Church can save them? What do you know about the truth and reality in the Middle East? Gathering intel is one thing, understanding intel is a completely different thing. The intel institutions know nothing about reality and the truth. But I will watch them sink down the drain. Christians of the Middle East are smart enough to survive the disinformation of Muslim terrorist Sarah Abdallah #sahouraxo, of terrorist Russia, Iran, Assad, Hezbollah and their U.S. allies. The question is will the U.S. survive? I doubt it.

The nemesis of the U.S. empire began in 2016 and will not end.

And if you wonder whether there is an alternative to Assad, then you are completely UNINFORMED. The alternative is the SDF and you all failed in supporting the project which abolishes Sharia and supports U.S. economy. Poor U.S., many think they are smarter than Russia and Iran, but I only laugh as I see how successful Russia and Iran lead their disinformation warfare.


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