Twitter Boldly Forces Others to Promote Hezbollah’s Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo Terrorism

Twitter Boldly Forces Others to Promote Hezbollah’s Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo Terrorism

Published by  | Nov 10, 2017 

Twitter Boldly Forces Others to Promote Hezbollah’s Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo Terrorism

Twitter forces me to delete a Tweet describing Hezbollah Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo as an ugly evil liar, is this normal?

How it all began.

I saw a tweet on my Timeline claiming that Christians in Syria are celebrating Christmas in Aleppo.

I replied that Christians do not want Christmas trees, they want EQUAL RIGHTS.

Back then, I neither knew Sarah Abdallah @muqawamist later @sahouraxo, nor did I know she is Hezbollah.

Under @JoumanaGebara I was forced to delete this tweet and was locked, who gets locked for such a tweet????? No one!

Date: May 20, 2017 – Please note that the tweet is from January 14, 2017 thus more than 3 months later and for saying ugly and liar, I got locked. Just ridiculous! This proves that Sarah Abdallah has a terrorist Hezbollah Twitter employee backing her.

Whatever my reactions were after May 20, 2017, they are justified. I have been unjustly locked, harassed, targeted and silenced by the network of Muslim terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo.

Timeline: How Twitter Mistreated Me and My Rights, and Violated the First Amendment and Human Rights Charta

Account @JoumanaGebara 13 thousand followers

  • Shadowed: December 2016 till October 2017 – for saying Christians in the Middle East do not want a Christmas tree, they want equal rights.
  • Locked: 20 May 2017 – for writing a reply on 14 January 2017 to someone who claimed Sarah Abdallah is beautiful, that she is ugly and an evil liar.
  • Limited for : 22 May 2017 – for writing a reply on 14 January 2017
  • Suspended: 4 September 2017 – For tagging @CIA and @FBI in a thread which proves that @sahouraxo is Hezbollah:
  • Suspended: 26 September 2017 – for saying “tomorrow” I will discard more about why @sahouraxo is trying to hide that she is Hezbollah and is deleting her traces from the internet
  • Suspended: 21 November 2017 – Probably for tweeting that ” #SarahAbdallah blocked all who interact with me. but you can search her on twitter and see her hateful tweets inciting US citizens and spreading #FakeNews″. I speculate that I is this tweet, because I already know that Twitter keeps suspending me whenever I mention her and uncover her agenda.

Company Account @Joumana_Gebara 200 followers created during suspension of @JoumanaGebara and not used at the same time when suspension was lifted

  • Shadowed: After some tweet which proves I was reported by @sahouraxo’s Iranian-Russian-Assad-Hezbollah network
  • Locked: 11 November 2017 – For any tweet tagging @sahouraxo whether it is about her or not: See the file above
  • Limited: 3 December 2017 – For a tweet tagging @sahouraxo and proving that Iran’s dictator and butcher Islamist Khamenei orchestrated the Arab Spring in the North African countries – Tunisia, Libya, Egypt – to exchange pro-US governments with pro-Russia/Iran Islamic Brotherhood governments
  • Suspended: 21 December 2017 – For replying to Leith Abou Fadel her buddy under his fake account: @Souria4Syrians, after he tagged her to spread fake news that Christians in Syria are prospering because they can celebrate Christmas. Leith Fadel @LeithFadel has several fake accounts among them: @Souria4Syrians @TheNimrTiger @PetoLucem @The_Cyrenian (Hannibal Khoury, Hannibal Barca), @IvanSidorenko1. He is so lunatic, in order not to get discarded he does as if these accounts are not him and attacks some of his own accounts under @leithfadel then answers himself under one of the above mentioned, just lunatic!! He did the same to support @sahouraxo, he fabricated a scenario accusing her of being Zionists or others then defending her other accounts just to mislead people and make them confused about her agenda, that she is Hezbollah.

Company Account @MEA_Analyst 50 followers created after suspension of @Joumana_Gebara

Suspended 12 January 2018 in a LOCKED ACCOUNT without warning.

Twitter suspended all accounts related to MidEastAnalyst even those not owned by Joumana Gebara and not in Lebanon and did not mention @sahouraxo

Twitter shadowed all accounts which reveal that @sahouraxo is a terrorist Hezbollah psyop, even those not related to Joumana Gebara in any way.

Added later to the article proving the systematic promotion of Twitter to Hezbollah Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo

Account @GebaraJoumana
Suspended before tweeting without any reason
Account @JoumanaGebara_
Suspended before tweeting without any reason
Account @JoumanaGebara__
Locked, limited, suspended without any reason! Twitter apologizes for the suspension and restores the account, then limits it immediately then suspends it!!

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