What Sarah Abdallah is trying to hide by all means. Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is a Muslim and a Hezbollah terrorist operative. She is in and out fake.

In the picture you see how many surgeries she underwent. INCREDIBLE!

She is all fake just like her fake news:

Not only does she spread propaganda and fakes the reality of Syria, she incites US citizens against each other, democrats against democrats, republicans against republicans, republicans against democrats to serve Iran’s agenda.

Everything about her is fake:
-her eyes (truth: colored lenses for $15)
-her nose (truth: nose surgery for $1200)
-her eye brows (truth: tattoo for $60)
-journalist (truth: propagandist and demagogue, she didnt study, she worked as a translator)
-geopolitical commentator (truth: inciter for hatred, violence, and misleads public opinion with lies)
-independent (truth: Serve Islamist Iran and Hezbollah’s agenda)
-Christian (truth: Shiite Muslim extremist)
-Secular (truth: Islamic Iran Imamah which is same as ISIS or Saudi Sunni Caliphate)

All she does daily is incite people against each other. She is a cheap shot supported by the Russian, Iranian, Assad and Hezbollah network and by Rand Paul, a senator from Kentucky who is part of Russia’s stooges. How they are related is a question we leave to the family of Rand Paul.

Since she hates it and is trying by all means to hide who she really is, we will post her info again.
Sarah Abdallah SarahAbdallah @sahouraxo sahouraxo is Shiite Hezbollah propagandist with Iran agenda and very into Senator Rand Paul son of RonPaul the favorites of Iran-funded MintPressNews and Russia Today, the Russian funded propaganda cheap outlets.


Sarah Abdallah had many alias: Beautiful Spy, Sahar Abdallah, Sahoura, Muqawamist, Jnoubiyeh in her pure form. And falsely claimed she is a journalist.


This meme is built out of screenshots:

The first was on Twitter when Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo used to call herself @jnoubiyeh

The second picture is a screenshot of Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo praising Islamist dictator of Iran Khamenei and promoting the spread of Islam on www.letterfortruth.com. Later and as usual, terrorist Sarah Abdallah tried to hide and delete her traces but failed.

Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is supported by Rand Paul and Ron Paul, we are not sure whether there is a personal affair or whether for businesses in Iran and Lebanon in the oil and gas sector. Why is Senator Rand Paul supporting an organization listed as terrorists in the US and has killed many US Marines and was part of 9/11?

Part of the network:

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