As I have been saying since a month, while the world was in apathy: Iran to oust Barzani and KDP to be replaced with PUK and Gorran, their Shiite Iranian ally.

Iran’s IRGC Qalayqani, the General Secretary of terrorist Khamenei bureau, admitted today that the terrorist Qasem Soleimani, Head of Quds Force IRGC, thwarted the second “Israel” “plot” by taking Kirkuk (which I have been saying since weeks while some wannabe analysts were diffusing wrong info that it was solely Iraq, its security, etc which orchestrated everything. They do not understand that Iraq cannot do anything without Iran’s approval.)
Abadi defended terrorists PMU today again – I read in the Western media mind blowing articles, they don’t understand that PMU is Iran’s arm in Iraq like Hezbollah is Iran’s arm in Lebanon. They must at least read about IRGC, what it is, what its logo means, what its strategy is. ISIS, Qaeda, Boko Haram are amateurs compared to IRGC.
Russia will continue its investments with a new Iran-backed Kurdish gov and remains unaffected. Turkey and Russia aim to boost trade volume to $100 billion.
Ceyhan: Turkey will get oil prices dictated by Iran if it takes Idlib, Iran is now looking for a strategy how to corner Turkey without losing it to US while Germany decided to support Turkey with $5 billion, as BOTH the Nord Stream and Ceyhan are at stake.

What will KDP do?

KDP is trying to negotiate with Turkey over Afrin. Instead KDP should get over it and support YPG and PKK, gain them to their side together with US, and make it clear to them, that Iran will swallow the whole region otherwise. Any decision by KDP to support Turkey against YPG will backfire on KDP.

What will US do?

So far US has no policy for Syria I read, but at least the US Army is doing a great job. US Tillerson visited Saudi to get support, which must be made responsible for what is going on.

US has various possibilities if it would only begin organizing its media, to diffuse a coherent message that US supports the good guys while Russia, Iran are ruining the region and stealing its oil, gas, resources etc. US must change and be kind to Middle Eastern population, and clarify how it will help them prosper despite their corrupt governments.

Last note: BTW if it weren’t for US role in Syria and Iraq, Europe would be in huge difficulties containing Russia and Turkey.

This Analysis was published October 24, 2017 on Linkedin profile of Joumana Gebara – President and CEO of MEA – MidEastAnalyst. Middle East Senior Geo-political and Media Analyst.


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