Since the great BBC piece exposing Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo as a conspiracy theorist, she is playing the role of the victim. This is typical Shia “mazloumyeh”, they kill then play the victim. She was not bothered when she silenced me and threatened to kill me, she and her network in thousands. She was enjoying it and enlarged her network just to silence me. But the truth cannot be silenced.

In reality, Sarah Abdallah is victim of her hateful environment, many Shia of the South (Jnoub) are used by Iran as proxies, and are just like ISIS, extremely indoctrinated. She is extremely hateful to non-Shia. That she now uses Christians, is only a plan to whitewash herself, Assad and attract the naive Western to Russia’s rows. She has a role and she is fulfilling it.

Like all terrorists, Sarah Abdallah is a victim of terrible religious teachings and of the traditional Karbala strife, which occurred 1400 years ago, between Hassan, Hussein and Muawiya. All was about who would rule over the Islamic Empire, the Ummah.

We Middle Eastern, whether Christian or Muslim inherit hate from generation to generation. No one breaks the cycle, because 1) Islam is still not reformed and remains medievial, 2) the super-world-powers are permanently trying to compete with each other in our region, 3) the Jews are hated and accused of all evil, which does not mean that all are innocent, some are just as lunatic as extremist Christians or Muslim, 4) lack of democracies, transparency and accountability, 5) . This leads to a greater split between the populace as they are busy fighting each other instead of communicating and establishing a history which unites them.

I already forecast to my friends and colleagues that Sarah Abdallah will play the mazloumyeh instead of standing and admitting that she was stripped naked and is a tiny liar part of a huge evil network destroying the Middle East. She is greedy for fame and money, and wants to be a wanted woman. She has suffered being ugly for very long, and now after all surgeries and investments, she wanted to compensate and use it to appeal. Alas, I exposed her from A to Z, not out of hate though. I pity her, I know her too well, I haunted her for more than a year now, she is a monster but a victim too. Maybe if she would have been born in a different family, few kilometers north of Aytaroun in Bint Jbeil, she would have had a different personality. The Shia mazloumyeh is cowardice. You cannot threaten to kill people, you cannot kill people, you cannot silence people then play the victim. I, personally, command Sarah Abdallah to stand up and say the truth to everyone, she will have more sympathy than her lies.

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Abdallah is currently a mere Russian tool, just like Leith and all the others defending her. They are tools for the elites. They receive their share of money and fame, but they remain tools. She lacks knowledge and cannot exit the bubble of lies, in order not to lose face. I really pity her, but she should have known that she cannot do all what she did to me, without me defending myself. Although I forgive her, I will not stop my campaign till she becomes civilized and asks for my equal rights.

She lied to Brian Whitaker, she is not scared from ISIS, she is scared from the FBI and CIA, she lives in the USA and anyone linked to Hezbollah is under surveillance. She is @muqawamist and is dangerous. She threatens to kill others and should at least feel what she perpetuated upon others.


And now I will address Brian Whitaker. Your piece is based on my researches, and as a journalist you behaved unethically, as you did not give me credit. Yes, Sarah Abdallah is a terrorist who terrorized me over 450 days, silenced me and neutralized me. I forgive her, she is a victim of her own lies, her miserable education, her environment, Russia, Israel, Assad, Iran. She cannot stop being Hezbollah, it is in her blood, she is dangerous, but will not blow herself in us. She must simply stop lying, spreading disinformation and defending a butcher like Assad, even if it costs her her current job. She had no pity with Sunni and Christians when Assad and Hezbollah sent us VBIEDs to kill us. She must stop hijacking the voice of Christians of the Middle East, she must stop inciting Americans against each other. I will publish one more final piece about her, then the role will come to those pulling the strings of puppet Sarah Abdallah. I am a fair enemy even to those who declared war on me, while I never declare war on anyone. There is a huge  difference between me and the monsters of Hezbollah Sarah Abdallah and ISIS Abu Bakr Baghdadi. I am human, they aren’t.

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