Part II: Forensic Investigation on Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo

In Part I, MEA proved that Sarah Abdallah has multiple identities. In Part II: Forensic Investigation on Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo alias @Jnoubiyeh and @Muqawamist. MEA investigates further Sarah Abdallah.

Please note that this article was published in January 2018 and withdrawn because Sarah Abdallah and her network wait arduously for my articles to track the links and delete traces, but I am a zillion steps ahead. They cannot fool and trick someone who knows them better than they know themselves. Personally, I pity them, they are so full of hate and indoctrinated, greedy for fame and power –  they are void of humanity and live in the sphere of the bubble of their lies.

The Beginning of the Investigation

A friend sent me this message: Hey Joumana I just want to give you an update on what I found. Look at the comments on this blog post. http://www.missingblog.net/lebanon-man-missing-since-the-civli-war-allegedly-released-from-syrian-jail/

My reply to him was a forensic investigation about Sarah Abdallah:  I checked this link you sent me on Sydney long time ago, it is a completely different Sarah Abdallah. I have been researching about her daily since May 2017, since the day I got locked for saying she is ugly and an evil liar. No one gets locked for such a tweet.

Terrorist @sahouraxo reported me to Twitter for saying she is evil and ugly. Hilarious!

Since then I knew there’s something definitely wrong. No one knows her like I do, believe me. Those are researches with primitive tools but daily, thus ca. 170 days. I have files no one has and I have an absolutely unique knowledge of the area because of several factors, not only am I more educated and worked hard on myself, I grew up between these people, lived, ate and slept with them, Sunni, Shia, Kurds, Druzes, Christians, Atheists of Middle East, no one knows their deepest thoughts like I do. I may not be brilliant at other issues but I can humbly say that no one beats me on the Middle East in politics, economics, media, linguistics, culture and mentality. I am a humble expert you never heard of, because my aim was never fame nor money. I also acquired detective capabilities without even having the education, I just think logically.

Let me clarify why this is a different Sarah Abdallah:

1- There is no Christian Sarah Abdallah in Lebanon, that’s 100%, besides no Christian would ever call himself Muqawamist or South Lebanese Resistance. I saved all possible in my files and even a Sarah Abdallah who wrote an article for http://wildcattales.com/news/2014/02/25/musicians-place-at-all-state-competition/ and a Sarah Abdallah who worked for the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, alhough she is Shia, but that’s not her either.

2- All Sarah Abdallah, who are registered in Lebanon are Muslim, most are Shia, but the one in Sydney related to Hana Yahya and Mostafa Zakzuk (a famous case) is Sunni from Tripoli in North Lebanon, while @sahouraxo was previously @jnoubiyeh, thus from the Jnoub, which means the South of Lebanon, and indeed she is from Aitaroun or Aytaroun in Bint Jbeil, which is in South Lebanon and she is definitely Muslim Shia. So we can forget this possibility.

Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo on Etsy as @Jnoubiyeh

Look at her Etsy profile and the tags from her Etsy profile. The Etsy profile is dated from 2012, thus before the Sydney message which is dated from 2013. It says: Southern Lebanese Resistance. Tags on the Etsy profile at the end of the page include: Hezbollah. This means she is Hezbollah. Just google Southern Lebanese Resistance, top hit is this, and this is THEIR source, not me claiming it: https://electronicintifada.net/content/lessons-resistance-southern-lebanon/904



Additionally this pic was on her PUBLIC facebook – and by the way she has hell brown eyes in reality – so she cannot claim that the Etsy account is not hers and that she is not Hezbollah.

Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo reveals she is from Hezbollah’s Fiefdom Aytaroun in Bint Jbeil – South Lebanon

Aitaroun/Aytaroun is located in South Lebanon, in the District of Bint Jbeil precisely, thus Jnoubiyeh (the Southern citizen and the Southern Resistance) make sense. Indeed, Aitaroun has many dead Hezbollah Mujahideen including suicide bombers and is considered the heartland of Hezbollah:



She reveals that she is from Aytaroun, a village in Bint Jbeil, under her current account @sahouraxo, which was previously @muqawamist. She mentions she is from Aytaroun even in Arabic and several times. Aytaroun is a village in the district or state of Bint Jbeil. Bint Jbeil is in South Lebanon. Besides, Sarah Abdallah wrote it the way Muslim write Aytaroun, Christians write it Aitaroun.

As usual it is deleted, but Sarah Abdallah the @muqawamist mentions: “My dad just sent me these. My beautiful hometown of Aytaroun, South #Lebanon today ❤ https://t.co/9ECYupavlH6:28 PM – 29 Apr 2017 https://twitter.com/sahouraxo/status/858342296131178496/photo/1



She managed to even delete a lot of proof from the Archive.is, which I had archived, but this blogger, who used to save some of her tweets, published it: thecommonills[.]blogspot[.]com and you will laugh, as soon as I published this article she contacted thecommonills to delete it, but I got a back-up. I am always light-years ahead, my cache, my cookies, all are saved on multiple servers, she and her network will NEVER be able to delete EVIDENCE, even if they kill me, which they threatened they would do: TheCommonIlls

P.S.: She, and her network, delete traces to hide her true identity and then accuse MEA and Joumana Gebara falsely of creating fabrications with Photoshop LOL. Vicious liars. Thus, the Bibliography and links prove that all is archived, despite their arduous work deleting everything.

Sarah Abdallah is from Aitaroun in Bint Jbeil, South Lebanon

Under her previous handle Jnoubiyeh she mentions that she is from Bint Jbeil. You can find her @jnoubiyeh Twitter archive here before she locked it and created a new account: @muqawamist which she later changed to @sahouraxo and became her nightmare.



Sarah Abdallah’s Russian connection and network

Ironically back then she labelled non-Muslim as “decadent into sensuality” and now she’s using her ass to get followers. No wonder, back then she was ugly like shit – see below. She probably began working on her appearance and making surgeries after meeting Sahar Milani who is part of the Russia-Iran-Assad-Hezbollah network. More to Russia’s prostitutes under MEA Special. The connection Sahar Milani and Sarah Abdallah goes back at least to 2014. This is how the network looked like and received instruction on the media message from Russia.

PS1: LMAO I just discovered they made Sahar Milani delete her Desktop account or set it private. They are so stupid, I not only had it archived, you can find her here on instagram, this is another proof that I am on the right track.



PS2: Sarah Abdallah had the pseudo JNOUBIYEH later MUQAWAMIST then SAHOURAXO as noted by HER on HER wordpress, and discussed in Who is Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo?.

PS3: You will find on this website all Russian trolls from all over the world, however Sarah Abdallah’s ties to Russia go back to at least 2002 as far as I could track back, with evidence. During all this period, she simply managed blogs in which she copied and pasted leftists and Hezbollah trash full of conspiracy theories made in Russia as if Russia is an angel and the whole world is evil. Those trolls are mere tools, they are brainwashed by Russian propaganda and add to that Islam propaganda, a fatal combination which leaves them centuries back. They act against their own good. Please note that 1) Russia always uses legitimate and illegitimate tools to expand, among others Islamists and prostitution (see Afghanistan 1970s), 2) Both Sarah Abdallah (Lebanon) and Sahar Milani (Iran) are staunch Shia and Russian propagandists using their body. They identify with “Persia” which in reality never existed. They also use fake lenses, fake hair, plastic surgeries, make-up, etc. Till 2011, Sarah Abdallah had brown eyes and a big nose, shoulder long dark brown dyed hell brown hair, etc.

PS4: You will find the same hardcore network on TrolleyBust, Facebook, VK, Twitter.

PS5: Her protector Leith Fadel also had two accounts, he had probably a different pseudo beside @The_Cyrenian and all the others pseudos, which he uses on Twitter.

PS6: This Communist holding French citizenship (Syrian origin) used to give them instructions on the Russian message since Libya and Ukraine with hashtags such as: #No2NATO #NO2EU #Yes2Brexit #AntiMaidan #No2US #No2Saudi #Putinator #PutinPeacemaker etc.

PS7: As you see, no serious journalist and professor would go for that, however Sarah Abdallah and Leith Fadel both FALSELY claim they are journalists and Tim Anderson claims he is a professor, while they are Russian, Iranian, Assad propagandists: Sarah Abdallah is at the maximum an un-certified translator but more into “sales of couple marriage online (dating sites based in Pakistan and Iran)” and “handcrafted decoration”, while Leith Fadel has a B.A. in Finance, not in journalism. More to Leith Fadel and Tim Anderson on a separate page. Mind blowing information from “Hitlary” to “SyriaHoax” to fake information. The connection to Russia, however, goes further back to 2010 at least, if not 2003, with George Galloway.   Ultimately, with @jnoubiyeh she became a solid member and psychological operation of the Russian network, as proven in TrolleyBust and the Blogs including Pepe Escobar, especially through “The Greanville Post”. This network developed to connect her with the elite Russian propaganda network as published on Communist Russel Bentley Youtube channel: 100002652101623 Sarah Abdallah.



Although she tries sometime to hide it, Sarah Abdallah’s love and ultimate loyalty to Hezbollah is demonstrated everywhere, not only in Etsy and its gadgets. Everywhere.

Check these links and marvel about her and her staunch dedication and immense  love to Hezbollah:

Italian soccer team renames itself in honor of the sublime National Resistance of Lebanon : Hezbollah.  (Notice her comment too lol)


Sahourxo as @jnoubiyeh promotng the Italian team who wore the logo of terrorists Hezbollah


Her photo with the Hezbollah T-Shirt is real. Her love to Hezbollah even on her t-shirt!


Sarah Abdallah is a handcraft worker and parasite to the world of translation and writing

She does not write her propaganda pieces, she translates them from Arabic from Hezbollah propaganda. I told you she is at the maximum a non-certified translator but definitely not a journalist or writer. What is definite is that she is a propagandist. Psychological operations do not require real journalists, but rather propagandists with misleading information set up together to sound as real information. Her translated garbage and writings” indicate the level of knowledge and education which in her case is basically zero, thus she resorts to the use of “complex” words to sound “educated”, while the content remains pure propaganda. Although all her pieces are pure trash and propaganda they are highly useful for the axis of evil which utilizes the low knowledge of the its public to brainwash it.



Originally her blog’s content was designed for glass and deco, Sarah Abdallah worked in the handcraft field. And thus the Etsy connection makes sense.

Sarah Abdallah on her jnoubieh.com website same as muqawamist.wordpress.com


All her tweets since 2011 are originally in Arabic by Hezbollah members, translated to English by her probably and published on Twitter. She never worked alone, she was always part of a network: The Hezbollah network. And this is proven throughout the website www.jnoubiyeh.blogspot.com and www.uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.com www.displacedpalestinians.blogspot.com, in which she posted her blog content to rank the anti-Israeli authors.



Note that the blog content are not articles written by Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo but are some copy and paste propaganda for Palestinians and Hezbollah. But this proves that she is connected to the network of Hezbollah, Iran, Assad, Russia. Notice also the header: South Lebanon and the Resistance (which means Hezbollah). And for a good laugh, every time I highlight an information related to her (Sarah Abdallah), immediately they change the web design of the websites LOL. They are investing heavily in re-branding and hiding the truth, but all is archived.


Terrorist sahouraxo and her network

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I checked all records of Aitaroun, Abdallah and Al-Abdallah family are indeed from Aytaroun, even the mayor of Khiam is from family Abdallah and he imposed gender segregation, five times salat (Islamic prayers), forced to closed the shops during salat, etc, just like in Tehran, Iran. Check these articles:

REPORT: After Jebchit and Aitaroun, mixed-sex sports banned in Khiam

According to the website, Khiam Mayor Ali al-Abdallah gave clear instructions banning the registration of women to participate in the “Haramoun Marathon.”

Hizbullah Efforts To Impose Religious Standards In Public Spark Anger Among South Lebanon Residents

The town of ‘Aitaroun banned men and women bathing together at local swimming pool.

Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah makes his speeches only in Aitaroun and two other villages. Do you know what this means? It means no traitor in the ranks of the village, all staunch Hezbollah. Otherwise he would never show up between the people. Many more pics on this link Aitarounat which show what kind of village she comes from. You won’t see this in the Christian regions. What you see is a copy of Tehran, Iran in Lebanon, which was not the case before 1979. Here is a screenshot:

Aitaroun the Hezbollah fiefdom



Bint Jbeil was claimed by Hezbollah to be the center of their resistance movement.

sahouraxo from Hezbollah fiefdom heart of Islamic resistance

The same words as Hezbollah, which Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo wrote on her profile under www.muqawamist.wordpress.com “from the heart of the resistance camp”.


Hezbollah sahouraxo as muqawamist


However there is no Sarah Abdallah in Aitaroun. I also tried Sahar Abdallah and Soraya Abdallah, but nothing. It seems that she, her sister and brother do not live in Lebanon. She is not enrolled in the Lebanese electoral registry or has been deleted thus she does not exist. She could be in a country, which requires French to create a Facebook, since her Facebook link begins with fr-fr. So the probability that she lived in Montreal Canada is very high. Both she and this guy claimed that. Maybe she lived in Canada and moved later to the U.S. to Michigan.



She disappeared on 24 August 2011 for the first time as confirmed by many, among others these tweets:



I reconstructed everything with dates. I reconstructed all her fakeness, from her mind to body. She always wears big GOLD cheap earrings though and remains a staunch HEZBOLLAH. The ONLY Sarah Abdallah with GOLD EARRINGS in ALL PICS worldwide. Although there are so many Sarah Abdallah worldwide, you can NOT confuse any of them with @sahouraxo, the cheap HUGE lantern-like golden earrings are flagrant. Just google it for fun.


Sarah Abdallah trying to hide her terrorist truth


Today BBC published a great piece exposing  Sarah Abdallah and the Russian disinformation and propaganda network, which confirms my investigations, as does this tweep:


In Part III, I reveal Sarah Abdallah’s network and propaganda. A trip into the world of evolution of Russian propaganda and its stooges.


Reference and Sources


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