The first aim of the Hezbollah network which includes Russia, Iran, Syria’s Assad and others is mainly the internal destruction of the United State of America, because a military assault is impossible.

The second aim of the axis of evil is to pass their agenda as the real “saviors” and the “good” ones fighting terrorism while in reality they themselves are terrorists with the aim to plunder nations and accumulate wealth in the hands of the elite only. This has always been how empires are built and imperialistic expansion occurred.

Did you read Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo’s tweets on Hezbollah? “Her men”. Hezbollah are “her men.” And in plural. Fond of terrorists since decades, Sarah Abdallah writes trash propaganda non-journalistic articles praising terrorists of Hezbollah and IRGC.

And she is now trying to hide her truth, so she keeps deleting articles from the internet and begging social media platforms to ban Joumana Gebara’s accounts for exposing her under false pretext that she is harassed:

1- A terrorist can NOT be harassed

2- Exposing a terrorist is not cyberbullying

Meanwhile the Russian Empire looks like this – a picture I found while tracking terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo

Sarah Abdallah known as @sahouraxo has the role to incite US citizens against each other: Republicans against republicans, democrats against democrats, republicans against democrats, through diverse false and fabricated information, or real information put outside their context.


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She is a psychological operation with terroristic aims, her previous alias are: @jnoubiyeh and @muqawamist. Now she is known as @sahouraxo. Muqawamist is a Hezbollah Jihadi who strives to establish an Islamic Imamah all over the world as symbolized in the logo of Hezbollah (also known as Hizballah and Hizbullah).

No one discarded Sarah Abdallah except Joumana Gebara and thus had to be silenced and defamed. The network also threatened several times to kill Joumana Gebara. They succeeded so far in shutting down each of her Twitter accounts as Twitter MENA is led by one of their network.

Sarah Abdallah tried to delete all traces from internet which prove that she is Hezbollah but Joumana Gebara was quicker. Our archive is in the hand of media and law enforcement worldwide.

These extracts is from the webarchive of the WayBack Machine:

Sarah Abdallah identified with Mosque Al-Aqsa in Quds (Jerusalem) and had only 4K followers in November 2016, meanwhile so many US citizens fell for her and she has 115K followers.

Even Ann Coulter retweeted her!! Biggest treason ever for the Marines. Shame on Ann Coulter for betraying the US Marines who came as peacekeeper to Lebanon and were not engaged in the war, but were killed by Hezbollah suicide bombers in cold blood. History will not be kind to Ann Coulter. Sarah Abdallah influenced public opinion on Assad, as she faked as a Christian, while she is a Muslim, but that is her role and she is playing it well. Other accounts of the network have other roles. Joumana Gebara uncovered their network on MEA – MidEastAnalyst



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