Who is Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo: A Hezbollah terrorist faking as a Christian

Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is a cheap Hezbollah terrorist faking as a Christian. She is a whore for Russia, Iran, Assad and Hezbollah. She has a relationship with a US politician helping her bring down my social media accounts. The prostitute began her prostitution with Alt Left and ended in the arms of Alt Right. A terrorist who aims to destroy US by inciting US citizens against each other and has hijacked the voice of the Christians of Syria.

The real Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is Hezbollah

We assume Hezbollah terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is supported by @randpaul #RandPaul and @ronpaul #RonPaul, we are not sure whether there is a personal affair or whether for businesses in Iran and #Lebanon in the #oil and #gas sector. Why is Senator Rand Paul supporting an organization listed as terrorists in the US and has killed many US Marines and was part of 9/11?

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