A Short War Episode: Syriac MFS and Kurdish YPG Ambushed by ISIS Were Saved by U.S. Marines – Tribute to the Marines

I would like to share with you a short episode which proves the greatness of the US.
The US Marines are so great, I have a very good experience with them. The Syriac MFS a fraction of U.S.-led SDF told me they love the U.S. Marines, they always have their back, they come out of nowhere. They helped SDF so much in Syria and rescued lives several times.

Here is a short episode which occurred in Raqqa:

Once the Kurdish YPG and Christian MFS were trapped in a building surrounded by ISIS (and popping up from tunnels), many SDF (Kurds and Christian fighters) were injured and on the verge of dying. Russia had forbidden air support because US shot down an Assad airplane attacking SDF over Tabqa.

The Christian guys sent me a message that they are dying, fully trapped, and 2 Kurds from YPG bled to death already. Hours passed and we tried everything to inform US Army to re-start air support but there was an order not to bomb Raqqa so that Russia wouldnt retaliate and kill pilots. Everyone was saying last goodbye to his family, many families were crying because their children who were fighters were dying and they couldnt do anything. I contacted Rojava and others, and gave them again their exact positions. Hours passed, I was helpless. All were helpless.

Then out of nothing artillery was heard. I received an SMS: The Marines, the Marines are saving us.


God bless the Marines for what they did. Tribute for the US Marines

The photo attached shows where they were trapped in Raqqa, the Marines will remember well that day: 23 June 2017.


Joumana Gebara  — President, CEO at MidEastAnalyst and Senior SME Analyst at MEA Study and Strategy Center. 

Disclaimer: This article first appeared on Linkedin on October 8, 2017 and on MEA Studies on October 8, 2017

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