Part I: Who is Sarah Abdallah sahouraxo?

The Background of the Research

This article is the beginning of a never ending network, which spreads targeted disinformation. MEA’s team discovers daily new elements and information about the Russian-Iranian-Assad-Hezbollah RIAH network. Sarah Abdallah was the only successful PsyOp, the network was about to delete all her traces from the internet linking her to Hezbollah. Not anymore.

The question was who is she? Why does she want to silence Joumana Gebara? Why does she incite U.S. citizens against each other? Why doesn’t she promote equal rights? Why doesn’t she interact with those undermining her credibility? The path toward finding out answers led to the discovery of an unbelievably coordinated network of disinformation and fake news. It is significant to reveal who these people are, what they are doing and why they are doing it. It is a war against the West, its values and actually against any human values, the very human existence. MEA will begin with Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo who led to the rest of the network.

Showing the methods and the results of the researches will help the reader acquire researching and association skills. The researcher observes every detail during his research, everything is important, every detail is collected, then an extract of the major data is published in a way that the reader would feel s/he is part of the researcher’s mind and knowledge.

At the end of the research, a bibliography of the references and sources is listed. The reader will not only discover that all what is stated in the research is true, but also that Sarah Abdallah and her network purposely deleted evidence. It is typical for psychological operations and disinformation campaign is led by real individuals under the instructions of states and intelligence.

Sarah Abdallah’s Metamorphosis Step-by-Step

Sarah Abdallah the @Muqawamist – Staunch Hezbollah Jihadi

The below extracts on Sarah Abdallah are from her own Twitter archive, in which she states that she is @muqawamist, the blogger and owner of: www.muqawamist.wordpress.com (Here you can browse all her submitted links praising Hezbollah). The “Muqawama” is “Hezbollah, the Islamic Resistance” in English. And a “Muqawamist” is a Jihadi or Mujahid, who is part of Hezbollah, dedicating his/her life to spread Islam all over the globe and would pay with his/her life to achieve the goal. And this is coherent throughout the metamorphosis of Sarah Abdallah, her devotion to Islam, the unity of Islam, to Palestine and Shia governments, as opposed to secular and democratic countries.



Sarah Abdallah the Muslim

Debunked Muslim Terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo faking as a Christian.

The above shown screenshot shows the status of @sahouraxo the Hezbollah psychological operative account: 14 November 2016. 4K followers. Hezbollah’s @sahouraxo identifies as a Muqawamist, a quick look into her articles and history confirms that she is Hezbollah, she writes propaganda in favor of Hezbollah. Further investigations, which will be revealed in other articles, discarded mind blowing facts. She praises terrorist Hezbollah and IRGC members in her tweets and propaganda pieces, as the screenshot below shows.

Hezbollah (Muqawama or the Islamic Resistance) is a group listed by the U.S. Treasury as Foreign Terrorist Organization and has committed/is committing endless crimes, among others the suicide bombing of the Marines barricade in 1983, the suicide bombings against the US Embassies in Beirut and Kuwait, the kidnapping and killing of thousands of U.S. citizens, journalists and army in Lebanon, Kuwait, Iran, Syria and Iraq, the kidnapping of airplanes, the contribution to 9/11 and many other terrorist activities. Below a screenshot of Sarah Abdallah’s archive showing some tweets praising Hezbollah the Islamic Resistance, as heroes.



The Real Sarah Abdallah

Initially, Sarah Abdallah’s internet appearance began with her alias@ jnoubiyeh (From the South of Lebanon). How does MEA know this? 1) From her own previous Twitter alias @Jnoubiyeh, see sidebar, 2) From her own www.muqawamist.wordpress.com, in which she states she is @Jnoubiyeh, see sidebar, 3) And from one of her old followers, who confirmed that she is @jnoubiyeh, based in Montreal, from South Lebanon, see below.

Unsurprisingly, the terrorist Sarah Abdallah forced Twitter to delete the tweet, but this means she admitted it is her picture! Here is a screenshot of the tweet:


She adopted the alias @jnoubiyeh between 2004 and 2013, then the alias @muqawamist between 2013 and 2016, finally she is known as @sahouraxo since 2016 till today.

Doesnt this Hezbollah Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo aka @jnoubiyeh terrorist look like a monster in reality? Twitter supports and promotes this terrorist monster against real investigative journalists. Why is @TwitterSupport backing Hezbollah, an ugly terrorist faking as a Christian, hijacking the voice of Christians of the Middle East and inciting Western citizens against their government and each other? Twitter is terrorist supporterand violates U.S. and international laws. MEA’s team has proof, to be discarded in further stages, that Hezbollah’s Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is also enjoying the protection of several U.S. politicians.

Below an extract of Sarah Abdallah’s profile under the handle @jnoubiyeh (which means from the South of Lebanon, as stated by Abdallah herself also later in her blog www.muqawamist.wordpress.com.


The Hypocrisy of Sarah Abdallah

Hezbollah’s Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo says she lives in Montreal, Canada (before the “everywhere”). Thus she lives in Montreal, Canada, where she enjoys freedom of speech but she incites hate and violence against the West and its values! How moronic can this terrorist cheap girl be? She should go live in Iran or in Beirut’s Dahiyeh. Sarah Abdallah is a living example for the failed “integration” advocated by Canadian Dr. Kymlicka.

An extract from Sarah Abdallah’s Blog under her profile “A Propos Muqawamist”: www.muqawamist.wordpress.com – also proves the metamorphosis from  “jnoubiyeh” to “muqawamist” and that with the change of aliases, she changes her social media account. The change of her facebook account from https://www.facebook.com/jnoubiyeh to: https://www.facebook.com/muqawamist then to https://www.facebook.com/sahouraxo and her Twitter account from https://twitter.com/jnoubiyeh to: https://twitter.com/muqawamist which later became https://twitter.com/sahouraxo. Same is valid for Instagram and other social media platforms.




An extract from Sarah Abdallah’s Blog under her profile “A Propos Muqawamist”: www.muqawamist.wordpress.com – which she deleted but can be found here, proves that she is “jnoubiyeh” and had a facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/jnoubiyeh and till today a locked Twitter account: https://twitter.com/jnoubiyeh, in which she calls herself “Beautiful Princess”. Sarah is Farsi (Iran) for Arabic Soraya, which means Princess. It is possible that a name change occurred or that her real name is Soraya, as she suffers from an identity crisis and had often a name change including Sahar instead of Sarah and often changed handles from jnoubiyeh to muqawamist to sahouraxo, and changed her profession from law student, to activist, to human rights activist, to journalist, to writer, to commentator and geopolitical analyst, and a change of her location too, from Aytaroun in Bint Jbeil – South Lebanon, to Montreal – Canada, to everywhere, to unknown locations on Twitter.

Sarah Abdallah: “from the heart of Resistance Camp” which means “from the Hezbollah Camp”.



Under this Muqawamist Twitter archive link, she clearly identifies with Palestine not Lebanon, with Islam not Christianity. Also under her Jnoubiyeh Blogs and under her Muqawamist wordpress (See Bibliography).

The Rise to Undeserved Fame

Hezbllah’s Sarah Abdallah had already a huge network, which included Palestinians and Pakistani. Later also pro-Assad Syrians, the Russians, the Western Alt-Left (The Western-Russian leftists such as the UK labor party) and during Trump’s, Farage’s, Petry’s, Le Pen’s, Wilder’s era, her network attracted the Western Alt-Right. But her very first break through came through the tweet about Putin’s picture hung in Manhattan, U.S.
The metamorphosis of Sarah Abdallah originally @jnoubiyeh, then in this video @muqawamist (which means Hezbollah) to @sahouraxo (the Russian, Iranian, Assadist, Hezbollah troll).


Even Ann Coulter retweeted a Hezbollah operative several times. How will Coulter explain it to the families of the Marines whom Hezbollah’s suicide bombers killed in cold blood? How will Coulter explain it to the families of the killed 9/11 victims, US Embassy employees and US Army in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq? How will she explain it to the family of CIA Bureau Chief William Francis Buckley and Marine Colonel William Higgins, David Dodge president of the American University of Beirut, Terry A. Anderson the Chief Middle East correspondent for the Associated Press, Charles Glass, Terry Waite, Thomas Sutherland, Rudolph Cordes and so many others?




Summary and Evidence of “Who is Hezbolla’s Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo?”

In Part I, we proved the metamorphosis of Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo from stage 1: @jnoubiyeh

@Jnoubiyeh is today a locked Twitter account. Her previous Facebook which was deleted: https://www.facebook.com/jnoubiyeh and her previous blogs: www.jnoubiyeh.blogspot.com, www.jnoubiyeh.blogspot.de and her previous website: www.jnoubiyeh.com  (All the articles are targeted disinformation against the West especially against the U.S., not one article written by Sarah Abdallah, all are a copy and paste of articles full of hate and disinformation, written by Russian stooges, with the aim to let those articles rank on google.)


to stage 2: @muqawamist

Sarah Abdallah, sometimes Sahar Abdallah @muqawamist (just do a simple search in the Twitter box for: muqawamist, and woops, you will be amazed as you scroll down how @muqawamist becomes @sahouraxo!!!), her previous facebook https://www.facebook.com/muqawamist and her previous blog www.muqawamist.wordpress.com, which is full of propaganda and demagogy praising terrorists of Hezbollah and IRGC, as well as dictators like Assad, Khamenei and Putin. In this blog, the Russian policy to hijack the voice of the Christians of the Middle East begins, additionally inciting U.S. citizens against each other and their politicians, who are anti-Russia.


later stage 3: @sahouraxo

After deleting the www.jnoubiyeh.com, www.jnoubiyeh.blogspot.de, www.jnoubiyeh.blogspot.com, www.muqawamist.wordpress.com, she created www.beautifulspy.com (If this doesn’t sound like a really serious journalist!!! PS: Beware not to register, it is all fake, just to get names and IPs of users). Later she created www.sarahabdallah.net (She writes under “about”: Just a regular Lebanese girl who loves discussing geopolitics and current events. Coffee, books and manga too.) and meanwhile a new website www.sarahabdallah.org (WOW suddenly she becomes a PROFESSOR IN JOURNALISM!! From a “regular girl” under .net to a “professor” under .org within a month!!! Holy crap!! But that’s not all! LOL! You will crack from laughter, in the blog she insists on faking that she is a “journalist” and a “professor in journalism”, I laughed so much while reading her “lecturing”: How to become a journalist. God help us! This psychopath continues lying, while her lies are all debunked.

If you enjoyed Part I, do not miss Part II: Forensic Investigation on Sarah Abdallah alias @sahouraxo, @Jnoubiyeh and @Muqawamist.


Reference and Sources:

MEA’s Joumana Gebara investigated Hezbollah terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo part of Russia’s network. A simple click on the pictures leads to the saved archive U.S. based WayBack Machine because Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo and her network keep deleting traces and evidence. They even deleted traces and evidence from the archive.is machine which is Russian-Turkish owned, however fortunately they were incapable so far of deleting the evidence from the WayBack Machine: Click on images for more.
The screenshots below prove that Sarah Abdallah and the Iranian network promoted change of regimes in the Arab Spring to topple pro-U.S. regimes and substitute them with pro-Iran/Russia regimes like Muslim Brotherhood regimes. The same policy as Iran.

MEA – MidEastAnalyst promotes and is committed to the United States’ Bill of Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, United States’ Copyrights and Fair Use Laws, while Twitter violates the clauses grounded in United States’ Bill of Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, United States’ Copyrights and Fair Use LawsTrust and Safety Council and United Nations Principles on Business and Human RightsTwitter supports and promotes terrorism and terrorists, while prohibiting journalists from practicing their profession. Twitter also prohibits freedom of speech for human rights activists, while ensuring that terrorist organizations and members like ISIS, Qaeda and Hezbollah, which spread hate, inequality, suicide bombing, death penalty, children sexual abuse and violate human rights, are granted a free platform.

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