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In 1991, Peter-Scholl Latour entered the editorials of ARD’s studio and said:

“The U.S. gifted Lebanon’s Christian regions, which were a red line, to Assad.”

“Why did the U.S. “Crusaders” under the Bush administration sell the Christians out for Assad?” The answer was published in the Chicago Tribune: Syria`s Support Of U.s. In Gulf War Paying Dividends

Assad is committed to a comprehensive solution with Israel.

And he is committed to peacekeeping in Iraq and supporting the U.S. in the Gulf War by shutting down the Iraqi-Syrian borders to Qaeda and Islamists.

The U.S. lost the last fiefdom in the Middle East, which supported it without anything in return, just because the Christians of Lebanon shared the same values with the West.

Assad also received at least $2.5 billion U.S. dollars from the gulf states and Japan. How was it possible that Assad would join forces with the U.S.? The answer was published is the Chicago Tribune: Syria`s Support Of U.s. In Gulf War Paying Dividends

As one Western diplomat observed, superpower relations with Syria were a zero-sum game: Any gain for Syria was a Soviet gain, and any gain for Israel was an American gain.

But Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev`s refusal to supply Syria with sophisticated weaponry, and his decision to allow a mass migration of Soviet Jews to Israel, caused Assad to rethink his position and to begin cultivating the West-especially the U.S.

Thus, the Bush administration gifted Assad what Assad already wanted, but would have never dreamed of getting. Assad was already dropped by Russia and isolated, but the U.S. ended giving him the U.S. support, the money and even Lebanon’s Christian regions, which he always strived to gain, but was never able to.


Assad sent Qaeda to Iraq, lied about commitment to peace with Israel just like he is lying now, together with Russia, lied about peacekeeping in Lebanon, he persecuted, killed, tortured and jailed the Christians, he supported Hezbollah and lied about everything.

Why did the U.S. administration do that?

The Bush administration, Israel and all their intel gathering miscalculated the situation and gave Assad a golden opportunity. And President Trump today may be repeating in Helsinki the same mistake like Bush did.

President Trump entered the political arena from the populism and isolation-policy portal. He pledged to withdraw U.S. troops from everywhere and sit back in the beautiful U.S.

Understanding the U.S. mentality

One must understand how Americans think. They have a different mentality than Assad, who occupied Lebanon. Americans just want to be left in peace. They want to invent all possible and impossible, they want to explore new worlds and new techniques, they want to contribute to development, they even want to share all their creations with the world, but want to be left in peace. They want to be able to trade freely everywhere, they want to live in safety and security, they do not want confrontations, they invented the slogan: “Live and let die”.

Middle Eastern aren’t like Americans. Russian aren’t like Americans either and do not want to be like the West nor do they share its values. Lavrov confirmed it himself in his interview with Larry King:

The U.S. keeps repeating the same mistake expecting a different result

During the Bush administration, the U.S. misjudged Assad and the whole situation. It gave Assad more than he deserved. Today, Trump may commit the same mistake and give Russia already what it wants and more. Trump may be paying a golden treasure to Russia in return of nothing, he will be lied to just like Iran and Russia during the Iran deal, and like Assad lied to U.S. in the Iraq deal and like the lie by the Russians that it does not seek expansionism, but invaded Ukraine, and like many many many other lies by the Russian, Iran and Assad.

What does Russia want?

Russia wants Iran, U.S. and Turkey out of Syria and wants to have it all. Russia has expansionist goals as witnessed in Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia, Libya, Afghanistan, India, and everywhere in this world. Russia simply wants to either take over other countries or have allied government. The U.S. similar to Russia wants allied governments but it is not working. Honestly, the U.S. is mistrusted in the Middle East, it keeps dropping its allies. But let us focus on what Russia wants from Trump: Again:

Russia wants Iran, U.S. and Turkey out of Syria

And what is Trump offering Russia?

Trump is offering Putin:

The U.S. withdraws from North, South and East Syria, where it has allies from locals for the first time in the history of the U.S.

Thus U.S. gifts to Russia 35% of Syria, which has 65-70% of Syria’s economy and Tanf, which is worth billions of dollars and a corridor for weapons and drugs, in return to what Putin ALREADY WANTS: Withdrawal of Iran.

So Trump may be giving Putin: U.S. out! And billions of dollars! Iran will not be out. And Israel will not be secured. And the U.S. will not improve its economic situation.

And you think that’s a great deal?

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