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Is your message reaching out on Social Media?



Are you frustrated? 

Only 3% of the websites pass successfully the SEO Google test! MidEastAnalyst offers you solutions to choose the right structure and SEO in various languages. 

Social Media

We also analyze your social media presence and competition, and offer you consulting and a strategy for a successful outreach.

Simply put we get results


Google and Bing Ranking!


The correct SEO and in various languages!


Linking, internal and external!


Correct structure for sitemap!

Social Media Analysis and Consulting!

MEA tracks and analyzes your social media presence, outreach, effect and obstacles. MEA has the unique ability to crawl through the web, understand the message and counter-message, and offer your institution a forensic analysis report with the adequate consulting.

Project One

MEA tracked and analyzed the English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish and German networks of Kurds, RIAH  and others on the social media: Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, VK, Trumblr and more.

Project Two

MEA was the only team capable of tracking and analyzing the case Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo. A psychological operation of the Russian, Iranian, pro-Assad Syrian and Hezbollah network. 

Auditing the Media Presence

A successful media strategy is based on a correct analysis and data research. MEA offers institutions a two stages solution: 

  • Understanding media warfare and the goal of disinformation
  • Drawing a counter-narrative strategy and its execution

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