Monitoring and OSINT

MEA’s Department of RMC & SS profoundly monitors the news, archives studies, OSINT, collects data and has its own evaluation tools.

Key Policy Makers

MEA experts generate an in-depth data analysis to endow policymakers with lucrative strategic studies in Middle Eastern Affairs.

Targeted Analysis

Based on PESTEL/PEST, OSINT and a self-developed exclusive analytical tools, MEA pursues targeted analysis and assessments.


The Department of RMC & SS is a think tank which issues risk assessments and strategies to support institutions in their decision making.

Political and Military Risk Management Consulting and Strategic Studies


MEA – MidEastAnalyst’s “Department of Risk Management Consulting and Strategic Studies” is a think tank which provides multi-disciplinary solutions in the area of public policy.

Through a holistic approach, taking into account the intersection of political risk factors MEA provides governments, political parties, military and academic institutions also counseling in public policy and transnational planning across the Middle East, Near Asia and North Africa.

MEA also assists, coaches and counsels non-governmental organizations to promote democracy, rule of law, human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination.

Further, MEA is trained in identifying local and national developments in the context of migration dynamics and intercultural communication.

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