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Cross-Cultural Consulting and Linguistic Solutions

Cross-Cultural Counsulting

MEA cultural advisors assess and offer cross-cultural consulting in an adequate historical, political, economic, religious, legal and regional context for higher-level decision-making and risk management.

MEA consultants assist governments, military, corporations and businesses in issues, which arise due to the differences of cultures.

With focus on the Middle East, MEA advisors are deeply acquainted with cultural difference in behaviour, perception, expression, group mechanisms, nonverbal patterns, customs and etiquette. 

MEA experts know how these aspects are reflected in various facets of life: law (e.g. comparative law), politics, economics, marketing, negotiations, education, media, industrial relations, manufacturing, finance and management. 

If cultural obstacles and sensitivity are not professionally tackled, communication breakdowns, misperceptions, lack of trust can occur.

MEA solutions create synergy, increased productivity and pave the path for trust and effective communication.

Online Solutions

Linguistic Department


Translation of all kind of documents, websites and technical sheets.


Professional simultaneous interpretation for conferences and events.


Audio and visual transcription expertise in various languages.
Linguistic Solutions
MEA – MidEastAnalyst offers multi-linguistic professional interpretation, translation and transcription in various languages. The MEA linguistic department has experts with 30 years of experience, who ensure: High-quality, precise and timely translation.
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