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MEA – MidEastAnalyst is specialized in providing subject matter expert solutions in the fields of political risk management consulting and strategic studies, digital communications and social media analysis, cross-cultural and linguistic solutions.


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Political and Military Risk Management Consulting and Strategic Studies

MEA – MidEastAnalyst provides expert risk management consulting to institutions based on unique analytical tools in political, economic, governance, and international affairs. MEA strategic studies consildate your success.

  • Geopolitical Analysis 70%
  • OSINT 90%
  • Strategic Studies 60%

Digital Communications Solutions and Social Media Analysis

Strategists  of MEA – MidEastAnalyst possess a profound knowledge in results-driven digital marketing and communications including Arabic SEO. MEA Social Media team provides professional analysis and consulting.

  • SEO Arabic 85%
  • Social Media Analysis 90%
  • Digital Marketing 20%

Cross-Cultural Consulting and Multiple-Linguistic Solutions

MEA – MidEastAnalyst cultural advisors assess and provide cross-cultural analysis and consulting in an adequate context for decision-making and risk management. MEA also offers multi-linguistic professional  translations.

  • Cross-Cultural Consulting 80%
  • Translations 50%
  • Coaching 50%

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