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MEA – MidEastAnalyst is specialized in providing subject matter expert solutions in the fields of political risk management consulting and strategic studies, digital marketing, media and social media analysis, cross-cultural and linguistic solutions.
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Strategic Studies

Digital Marketing and Arabic SEO

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Cross-Cultural Consulting

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is a politically, economically and religiously diverse region that includes countries with a vastly different level of per capita income and common challenges. Economically, many countries depend on oil and gas wealth, but do not have a planning political and military legacy to shape the region’s development strategies.

Our Consulting Services

  • Political and Military Risk Management Consulting

  • Related Strategic Studies

  • Digital Solutions

  • Arabic SEO

  • Media and Social Media Analysis

  • Cross-Cultural Consulting

  • Multi-Discipline Training

  • Multi-Linguistic Solutions and Courses

Risk Management Consulting and Strategic Studies

MEA – MidEastAnalyst provides expert public policy risk management strategies, think tank and consulting for decision makers, based on unique analytical tools in political, economic, cultural, governance, and international affairs.

Digital Communications Solutions and Social Media Analysis

Strategists  of MEA – MidEastAnalyst possess a profound knowledge in results-driven digital marketing and Arabic SEO. MEA’s media and social media team provides professional analysis and solutions.

Cross-Cultural Consulting and Linguistic Solutions

MEA – MidEastAnalyst cultural advisers assess and provide cross-cultural consulting in an adequate context for decision-making and risk management. MEA also offers multi-linguistic professional  translations.


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