Sputnik and the Ministry of Saudi Arabia concluded a deal over millions of dollars in which the Russian media shall restore Saudi Arabia’s reputation. I forecast and wrote it on October 1, BEFORE FDI as the only person in the world.


Please note that I don’t care if you call me bragger but I was humble for decades, I educated people for free and gave information gratis but keep getting discredited by terrorists and labeled crazy to undermine me, I am fed up! You didn’t care when I was persecuted, silenced, insulted and discredited for stating FACTS and unique KNOWLEDGE!
And those who know me, know that I am not a bragger! Twitter keeps shadowbanning, limiting, locking and suspending my account. Twitter supports terrorism and is against honest and professional media reporting.

On October 1st, 2017, I was the only person in this world, who wrote that Saudi Arabia wants Russia to market it and restore its reputation with the help of Russian propaganda media. I clarified that the relationship is different from previous ties and discussed why and how and what will occur in an assessment on Saudi Arabia-Russia FDI Forum deals help Russia circumvent US sanctions. I wasn’t only right about the media deal, Saudi Arabia yesterday asked the international community to remove sanctions on Russia, as I predicted before FDI, but this deserves a separate article too.

Back to the Russian-Saudi Arabia media deal. If you do not understand the Syria war and how governments think, if you did not follow accurately the media of all involved fractions, this will clarify.

Excerpt from my assessment from October 1, 2017.
Author: Joumana Gebara
Date: October 1, 2017

Saudi Arabia-Russia FDI Forum deals help Russia circumvent US sanctions

5. During FDI 2017, Saudi culture, folklore, cinema will be introduced to the Russian public and discussed. FDI guests will be even able to take a virtual tour into a reproduced Saudi city via VR-technology. This indicates toward a different kind of relationship: A relationship based on respecting “Wahhabi” Saudi Arabia and promoting it as a “civilized” country adequate for a partnership.

6. In an observation of the Kremlin propaganda state’s media tendencies, a U-Turn toward Saudi is noticed. Saudi was previously permanently under indirect media attack. Not to mention, that a totalitarian state like Russia has a one-sided media. This means, it has a coherent and coordinated diffusion of information backing the government, its goals and its elite tycoons.

A lesson in mass media

During the Syrian war, Russia along with Iran, Hezbollah, Hashd Shaabi, Iraq led a disinformation campaign stating that all is occurring because of “Wahhabi” ideology which is extremist although any amateur in Islamic Studies knows that Wahhabi is Hanbali same as Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi Schools and same as Iran’s Shiism. I wrote about it on Twitter that “Wahhabism” is a fabricated cover to attack Saudi and Sunni without attacking other Sunni or Islam.


Excerpt of the thread:

Notice the hypocrisy, this is one of hundreds of thousands Russian media articles published by Sputnik from 2016: Saudi Media Waging Information War, Spreading Fake Images of Horror in Aleppo

But look how smart Russia uses others to accuse Saudi Arabia that its Wahhabism version of Islam exports terrorism, so that no direct confrontation between Russia and Saudi Arabia occurs and Russian media can claim “they are only covering the news”, while in reality it is an agenda.
Saudi Wahhabi Missionaries and Arab Donors ‘Active in Kosovo,’ Germany Admits

In the previous article Russia used Germany, in this one it uses Iran to attack Saudi Arabia in its media. Saudi Arabia Accused of ‘Trying to Impose Wahhabism’ on Iran via TV.

Russia keeps all states in check and against each other while playing the savior, same as Assad’s strategy, which is strategically very smart, something US could learn from.

The Voice of Russia is Sputnik Radio and part of the millions of dollars MoU between Saudi Arabia and Russia’s Sputnik. Here again it uses a third party:
Saudis to export wahhabism in Kyrgyzstan

I could go on with thousands of articles, but to wrap it up: Russia’s Sputnik international agency and radio concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry for Information to “clean Saudi’s record.” A lot is not mentioned under Sputnik’s link and I had to research a lot. I don’t know why this scandal went unnoticed by MSM, but surely Western countries are not too much interested in reforming Islam as the doctrine of war will require other more complicated pretexts, while for Russia, its economy and circumvention of sanctions is more important than the reputation of Saudi, its crown prince and its Islam.

Source on Sputnik in Arabic 

I am looking forward to see how Russia’s trolls and Iran, Hezbollah, Assad propagandist especially Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo and Rand Paul, who blamed it all on Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism and claimed ISIS has NOTHING to do with Islam, will justify such an MoU worth millions of dollars.

Joumana Gebara  — President, CEO at MidEastAnalyst and Senior SME Analyst at MEA Study and Strategy Center. 

Disclaimer: This article first appeared on Linkedin on October 9, 2017 and on MEA Studies on October 9, 2017

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