Published: October 4, 2017

Latest on Idlib Qaeda Russia Turkey… Saudi? The recent Russian strikes on Qaeda and two days ago on Hezbollah seem to be linked with the FDI, a favor from Russia’s Rosneft to Saudi’s Aramco with love. Russia claimed it killed 12 leaders of HTS aka Qaeda Nusra among them Joulani, later said it severely wounded him by amputating his arm. Russia only showed a video of strike via satellite. HTS denied Russia’s claims, he wasn’t even at the position of strike, but assuming it’s true, Russia-Turkey-Qaeda’s deal to allocate power into three sections, 1 for Iran (puppet Assad rules), 1 Russia, 1 Turkey (HTS rebrand rules) was against Saudi’s interests in Syria, Qaeda is Turkey-Qatar backed and Iran a regional rival. Only few months ago Turkey distanced itself from Qaeda. In any case Russia benefits to fake to public opinion that it’s fighting Qaeda after all deals Russia-Hezbollah-Qaeda did in Arsal and Syria in which ten thousands of Mujahideen with weapons & family were transferred safely to Idlib. An order to withdraw all “illegal” weapons from Mujahideen in Idlib & bring them under one “legal” umbrella is being executed. After two days talks Kataeb Ibn Taymyah withdrew illegal weapons, now they’re under HTS umbrella. So it’s too early to kill Joulani.

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