Middle Eastern double standards and hypocrisy give me nausea! I am so fed up of living with liars, hypocrites and ignorant inhuman selfish sectarian people.

What’s the difference between a Palestinian or a Kurd living without an identity card, prohibited from practicing his language and culture, and who is denied of his basic right to live on a piece of land which he can claim his and build a nation for him and his children — the next generations? Nothing, there is no difference, both are suffering humans. Well, this statement would be issued by a human thinking person, not by a sectarian or greedy for power person. Yes, there is a difference between a human person and a inhuman person, both are homo homo-sapiens but one reached farther stages in evolution while the other didn’t and is still stuck somewhere in the Medieval Ages.

And mind you, that I suffered immensely from the Palestinians, who massacred and raped my people and destroyed my country. Abu Ammar said: The road to Jerusalem passes through Jounieh — the fiefdom and heartland of Lebanon’s Christians, but Hezbollah’s Nasrallah also claimed that the road to Jerusalem passes through Qalamoun, Zabadani,Homs, Aleppo, Daraa, Hasakeh and Suweida in Syria. If you think they all suffer from geographical orientation disorder you are mistaken, they all suffer from sociopathic, power greed and blood-lust disorders. They are pathological, chronic and compulsive liars (I hope I didn’t miss a scientific description) who lie to their own adherents whom they send to death and then make deals with the “enemy” they are fighting, on the dead bodies of their own backers who believed their lies!

I suffered, Palestinians and Syrians destroyed my innocent childhood, they made me live in fear of dying every second of my life, while their motto is: Dying is more valuable than life. Despite all what they did to me, I learned to forgive, and not to generalize. I do not have Palestinian friends, I defend them not only because I have a set of principles and values which prohibit me from discriminating them, I am not a hypocrite, I can’t criticize those who didn’t reach the human stage but be like them. I can’t do as if all Palestinians are responsible for what happened and is happening, all societies have different patterns of people.

Palestinian childThe Palestinians have the right to live in a country. Can you imagine living all your life without a passport knowing that your children also will live that same life and suffering? Can you imagine living in a camp all your life? Have you been to Sabra which Hezbollah claims it defends but doesn’t clean its street from garbage so that at least people don’t die from the smell? And this problem isn’t since Lebanon’s waste problem, I was in Sabra so often before 2015, I literally vomited every time I entered the street of the camp. Can you imagine a child living without hope? Some Palestinian children remind me of my own childhood…. living without hope. Just take a look into the eyes of those children, you will see sadness in the innocent eyes.

Not all Palestinians can be blamed for all what their fathers did and many are still doing. But I do blame Palestinians for letting Saudi, Iran, Qatar and others use them as proxies. I am against Intifada of knives and stones, I support the Intifada of peace and roses. Imagine Palestinians daily throwing Israeli with roses, daily parading peacefully and chanting love and peace to the world, daily sit-ins filled with poems of love to their nation Palestine, all this covered by the world media. Seeing daily such scenes of mature and civilized Palestinians calling for a home, for everyone to live with equal rights and under the values of the Human Rights Charta, without discrimination like the Kurds are trying to do. Can you then imagine that anyone in this world would stand against Palestinians?

I chose to compare the Palestinian cause with the Kurdish cause although there are so many other similar cases, but I want to show the hypocrisy of many Muslim, who know so well that Kurds in Iraq until recently would also have proclaimed a Muslim state and not a civilized state based on equality. Did you forget that KDP was Hezbollah once? Did you forget how many Kurds joined ISIS? Did you forget that 98% of Kurds of Iraq are Muslim? They just don’t want to be Islamists, they know they can’t have support if they don’t join the civilized world. Isn’t it time for a civilized Intifada in Palestine? I said so often in past decades and repeat, all Palestinian Intifadas led to shrinking their territory and death of their people, it is time to change their strategy to a DAILY INTIFADA OF PEACE FOR MONTHS AND YEARS if required but at least Palestinians would demonstrate to the world that they are on the right side of history.

Do you really think that Hezbollah and Iran who are inciting you, you Palestinian, to violence care about you? No they don’t, at the contrary they benefit and say: See, it is the Sunni committing suicide, barbarism and violence, not the Shia, we Shiite are moderate and reflect the true Islam. And you have resources to purchase weapons from the West whom you blame for your agony instead of investing in your children’s education based on equality and human rights, sciences and art, life and not death?

And finally, Kurdistan childI address you, you hypocrite who has double standards, did you forget the suffering of the Kurds? Did you forget how they were used as proxies by your own MUSLIM governments? Did you forget that they can’t even apply for an identity card? Did you forget how Kurds were slaughtered? Did you forget Halabja? Did you forget to look into the eyes of a Kurdish child?


No, it is not a Zionist plan, it is you who didn’t reach the stage of human evolution. Before blaming the West who are benefiting from your barbarism, become civilized and a role model, then distribute Shahadat Akhlak — certificates in correctness and human behavior.

Joumana Gebara  — President, CEO at MidEastAnalyst and Senior SME Analyst at MEA Study and Strategy Center. 

Disclaimer: This article first appeared on Linkedin on October 1, 2017 and on MEA Studies on October 3, 2017

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