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The Shiite Mujahideen are liberating Israel in Syria since 2011 just like Sunni Mujahideen tried to liberate Israel in Lebanon’s Christian fiefdom in 1975 but then Shiite Mujahideen rudely ask why ISIS did not liberate Israel.

The Shiite Mujahideen in Syria are from all branches of IRGC “in” Iran, Hezbollah is “in” Lebanon, PMU is “in” Iraq, Fatemiyoun “in” Afghanistan, Hezbollah “in” Syria, Zainabeyoun “in” Pakistan. They are all “liberating Israel” in Syria. They came from everywhere to “liberate” Israel and Quds in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kurdistan, Jordan, Kuwait,Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia – Yes, they are liberating Quds in those countries by practicing terrorism, beheading, burning, hanging, torturing, jailing and persecuting those who disagree with their Shiite Caliphate, the Imamah of Wilayat Al-Faqih.

ISIS, Hezbollah, Qaeda, Hamas, Quds Force, IRGC and ALL ISLAMISTS are “liberating Israel” somewhere else
As a Lebanese, I can obviously see what a Western citizen can’t see: “The Shiite Mujahideen are liberating Israel in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Kurdistan just like Abu Ammar did when his Sunni Mujahideen were liberating Israel in Lebanon’s Christian fiefdom Jounieh, Mount Lebanon, Ab Elias and Ashrafieh. Also ISIS, the Sunni Mujahideen, liberated “Quds” in Mosul, Raqqa, Fallujah, Baghdad, Kobane, Tal Afar, Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, Qaim, Mayadeen and Homs. And of course, Qaeda, the Sunni Mujahideen, before them liberated Quds in Idlib, Kabul, Ghouta, Baghdad, Qalamoun, Mosul, Tal Afar and so on.”

PLO’s Yasser Arafat in 1975: “We are Jaysh Al-Sunna (Sunni Army). The road to Quds (Jerusalem, Israel) goes through Jounieh.”

This was the beginning of Yasser Arafat’s “Quds liberation”: 1976 Damour Massacre – Palestinian Fidayeen (Suicide bombers) kill 582 Christian civilians in cold blood.


Damour Massacre:

Communist Federica Mogherini backed the Islamist terrorists, just like all communists did under Russia’s instructions. Long before the creation of Hamas, Qaeda, ISIS, Russia financed, trained and provided logistics to Mujahideen both Sunni and Shia in several countries – to “liberate Quds” in their “own countries”. You may not be able to understand the latter sentence, except if you know the reality of the Middle East, which is unlike what most mass media outlets try to convey.

Understanding the Middle East is not easy, but falling for propaganda by politicians and media is easy. It took me decades to understand what is really going on. Today, I can predict the reactions to actions long before they occur. The Middle East runs in my veins and all the way through my heart to my brain, where rational thinking dwells.

I lived through all these periods of war and international politics. The PLO were Sunni Mujahideen worse than ISIS and Qaeda, but same doctrine. They were financed, armed and trained by Russia, just like Shiite Mujahideen: Hezbollah and IRGC, Fatimiyoun and Zainabiyoun and more. All claimed they were liberating “Quds”. Post-PLO in 1975 also Hassan Nasrallah in 2015, the Head of the terror and terrorist group Hezbollah, claimed he and his Mujahideen are “liberating Quds” in Syria, thus they will keep their Islamic Resistance weapons and if this doesn’t work as pretext they will create other pretexts, like liberating Chebaa which is on Syria’s map, not Lebanon’s till today. And if this pretext doesn’t work, I assure you they will find other pretexts, even if it is in Honolulu or Zimbabwe, what counts is preserving the weapons.

Both the PLO (Sunni Mujahideen) and Hezbollah (Shiite Mujahideen) have deep ties going back to the 70s when Hezbollah was Harakat Al-Jihad Al-Islami before rebranding and was part of the Fedayeen (Fedayeen are proudly the Mujahideen and the suicide bombers at the same time).

Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah: “We are in Syria to protect Shiite shrines (Any pretext is valid). We are Jaysh Al-Mahdi (Shiite Amy – good to know they are not Lebanese despite their lies that they are). The road to Al-Quds does not pass through Jounieh. We’ve never said that (Here you again, He lied, he did consider road to Quds passes through Jounieh, he even claimed that Christians of Lebanon are invaders!). However, the road to Al-Quds passes through Qalamoun, Zabadani, Homs, Aleppo, Deraa, Hassakeh and Swaida, because if Syria was lost, Palestine would be lost too.”

“ Sayyed Nasrallah The Road to al-Quds passes through Qalamoun Zabadani Homs

What does he mean? Lost to who? To the Sunni of Syria. Thus, according to his “logic”, he must liberate Syria from its Sunni to prove that he is liberating Quds. And to ensure that, Hezbollah falsely claimed that Sunni are Zionist agents backed by Israel, and fabricated media reports to back the false claims. And, maybe with time, because Sunni of Syria were persecuted, killed and defeated by Shia Mujahideen, they really will prefer the Zionists to the Imamah.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah speeches are based on lies, this is legal and called Taqqiya and Kitman. He lied about Hezbollah’s terrorism in 1983 in Beirut and Kuwait, in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo in the 90s, in his involvement in 9/11, in Yemen war since 2015, in killing and blowing up endless Lebanese politicians and civilians since 1990, so why would it admit that also Hezbollah said in 1975: The road to Quds passes through Jounieh and lose the support he gets from brainwashed Christians?

The beginning of Hassan Nasrallah’s “Quds liberation” did not look different from its end, nor different from ISIS’ “Quds liberation”, Qaeda’s “Quds liberation” and PLO’s “Quds liberation”.
Massacres and crimes of Hezbollah, Assad, Iran, Shiite Mujahideen

But then they possess the rudeness to bluntly accuse others of being Zionists (Zionist is a degradation and means a death sentence per lex in Muslim countries and alas in Lebanon too). Those Mujahideen who are bold collaborators of foreign countries accuse others of being Western traitors and collaborators in order to kill the reputation of anyone who doesn’t want Lebanon to be a Caliphate/Imamah under rule of Saudi/Turkey/Iran!
Wallah they can give no one a lesson neither in geography nor in Akhlak or politics.

They are so rude to believe that being a collaborator for Iran or Saudi is HALAL!
Someone who is working for Iran’s and Saudi’s interests cannot give anyone a lesson in patriotism nor label him traitor and collaborator.
Someone liberating Syria from its Syrian people and ethnically cleansing it from Sunni to connect the Shia Crescent corridor can surely label no one a Zionist!
Someone who is like ISIS cannot ask “why didn’t ISIS attack Israel and liberate Quds”?
The answer is because ISIS, just like you, it is liberating Israel elsewhere: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Philippines, Myanmar and so on. Same narrative!

When Lebanese citizenship holders become Lebanese, we can have further talks!
And yes, I define what is a Lebanese!

A lesson in patriotism

You cannot claim that you are educated and patriotic if you are sectarian!

You cannot claim that you are educated and patriotic if you are sectarian! Either you are sectarian or educated…
you cannot be both!
How can you be sectarian and educated ??
The sectarian person does not seek the interest of his country…
He seeks external powers to get support to achieve his goals…
He works only for a certain category of the country’s citizens, he does not work for the benefit of all the citizens…
And fact is that as long as he doesn’t work for the benefit of all the people,
the country will remain at war with certain fractions/countries and people will migrate..!
Their own sect would migrate! They are leading their sect through their sectarianism to migrate!
How do you claim being educated?
The educated always seeks for equality and equal treatment of all citizens, in all fields,
to achieve political vitality, democratic vitality, social vitality, cultural vitality!
So being sectarian and educated can never be symbiotic… never!

No difference between Sunni and Shiite Mujahideen

Your country is your religion

Joumana Gebara: Senior Political Risk Management and Consultant. Strategist and Analyst at MEA.


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