Robert “Bob” Dreyfuss  is an American investigative journalist and contributing editor for The Nation magazine. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The Diplomat, Mother Jones, The American Prospect,, and other progressive publications. In his book “Devil’s Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam (American Empire Project)” published in 2006, Dreyfuss blamed rise of Islamism on the U.S.

Robert Dreyfuss is completely wrong. Islamic fundamentalism does not need help to rise, it nurtures on its Islamic ideology, the doctrine of war, hate, revenge and lack of human evolution. And it was Russia, which long before the U.S. funded Islamists everywhere in the Middle East. Abu Ammar was not a Communist, Hezbollah was not Communist. Even the PKK was not Communist, it took Ocalan decades to create a secular movement, and at the end the Syria war made out of the PKK a communal socialist movement a la American Murray Bookchin. And this only occurred because Russia dropped its support to the PKK in favor of Assad and this gave the U.S. the possibility to fill the gap and enter the Syrian arena from the Kurdish door. In return the Kurds switched their doctrine to become compatible with the U.S. support, the same U.S. they hated and fought for decades when they were supported by Russia. This is a sample of how a doctrine changes with change of alliances or better said when proxies fill a new role.

What strikes me is Iran, the only proxy which never changed its doctrine. The Islamic doctrine of Iran will not change despite its alliance or being used by Russia. Islam is deeply rooted in Iran and will remain as long as Bab Al-Ijtihad remains open and allows it to update Islam a bit.

Back to Dreyfuss, Russia was in Afghanistan and the Mujahideen existed before the U.S. intervention. Already, before Russia and the U.S. thought of supporting and funding Mujahideen, I must clarify that this is the only option most Muslim offer. It is not the case that Muslim want secular democracies and the U.S. and Russia are forcing them to be Mujahideen. Thus, before condemning foreign powers which are exploiting the status quo, you must realize that the status quo is already a disaster: The Islamic doctrine. This is what Muslim offer, and nothing else. Whether in Afghanistan or in Zimbabwe, this is what Muslim want and this is what Muslim offer.

Already in the 20s, Muslim had only Jihad and Mujahideen to offer when the Ottoman Caliphate fell and the last Jihad was called. Hassan Al-Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in about 1926-27 to relaunch the Islamic Caliphate against the foreign forces: The United Kingdom and France. Certainly, it was neither a Zionist, nor Soros, nor Clinton or CIA plot. Also Hizb Al-Tahrir which is ISIS, was created in 1953, to establish an Islamic Caliphate. Hezbollah was created in 1982, Iran itself established the Islamic Caliphate in 1979. None of aforementioned was funded or armed by the CIA, Hillary or the Jews. At the opposite, long before the CIA, it was Russia, which funded and armed the Palestinian Fedayeen and Abu Ammar. In Afghanistan, this is what the Afghan offered: Islam fundamentalism. This is how Muslim “struggle” (Youjahidoun – launch Jihad) against foreign forces. This was and still is their choice. Yesterday, Hassan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah called for Jihad against Trump’s decision, and it was not a Zionist or Soros or CIA plot. Also the Sunni who called for Jihad against Trump’s decision were not paid by US and Israeli intelligence.

I will republish here my tweets in which I corrected Robert Dreyfuss. Unfortunately, my twitter accounts get permanently suspended because I am being reported by the RIAH network which is trying to protect Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo from being discarded as a Hezbollah PsyOp.


12/ When U.S. & Europe finally agreed to establish Israel in 1948 in the Middle East. Israel was their Achilles Heel & their Herculean power

13/ Of course each country tried/s to establish/support/ally with governments which support it. So the Middle East looked like this

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14/ Why I mentioned #Israel? Long before war in #Afghanistan, #Russia supported Communists & #Islamists to thwart U.S. influence from M.E.



15/ Long before #Qaeda (who were Arab Mujahideen), USSR (Russia) supported the Mujahideen around Israel to fight U.S. and Europe

16/ #Russian armed factions in M.E. already in 40s to fight Israel = U.S. & Europe. It armed Communists: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey.

Note: Islamic Fundamentalism does not need your help. It is there and will prevail till Islam is reformed or abolished.

Joumana Gebara – Middle East Senior Analyst

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