If you oppose Hezbollah or ask to disarm them to build a country or ask them to return to Lebanon and acquire a Lebanese agenda, then you are dead or a traitor, a Zionist, an agent. According to the logic of Hezbollah, you are either a traitor in the US-Israel-Saudi camp or “loyal” to the Assad-Iran-Hezbollah-Russia camp.

To Shia opposing them, Hezbollah are extremely harsh, they call them Shia of Embassies which means they are foreign agents: Thus they receive the death penalty not only according to the Lebanese law, but also Nasrallah called for killing these traitors. Nasrallah claimed these Shia rose to power due to U.S. tanks, insinuating that they are like the Christians, specifically the Lebanese Forces and former slain Bachir Gemayel.

Non-Shia are also terrorized or killed. Calling them traitors is not exclusive to Hezbollah, amazingly this propaganda to bash opponents has even brainwashed non-leftist Christians, they seriously believe meanwhile that “you are a traitor” for opposing Hezbollah. Some Christians even believe that “Christians of Lebanon are originally Byzantine invaders”, like Hassan Nasrallah falsely claimed, disregarding the existence of Christians in Lebanon 670 years before Islam, whose terrorists came as invaders. This is the impact of propaganda and lack of knowledge, while relying on Nasrallah and likes as a “source of credibility”.


However, more and more Lebanese are breaking the walls of fear. We have been afraid speaking out against Hezbollah for decades, as they sent their VBIEDs under Assad’s instructions. We even adopted a way to speak in public by always calling Israel as the Zionists to protect ourselves from being labeled collaborators, agents and traitors. We distanced ourselves from the era 1975-1990, but lately things are changing, especially after statements of Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil, son-in-law of President Aoun, and ally of Hezbollah, who said: “We do not have an ideological war with Israel, it has the right to defend itself but should not attack us.” Since then Shia of Amal and Hezbollah revealed their true face and attacked Christians and called them infidels, Kuffar, agents and collaborators.

And after U.S. based journalist Hanin Ghaddar (Washington Institute), LBCI Dima Sadek, MTV journalist Jessica Azar, criticized Hezbollah, even ex-Hezbollah leader divulged interesting information. Ex-Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Mesheimesh, wrote on Facebook to Itani who was accused of collaborating with the “enemy” (Hezbollah does not call Israel Israel, it calls it the “enemy”):

“Hezbollah sentenced me before you” “I inform you that the head of the Lebanese military court, Judge Khalil Ibrahim, the southern Shia, son of the southern town Blida, who is under the orders of Nasrallah’s party [Hezbollah], condemned me by accusing me through a phone bill that I, Sheikh Hassan Mesheimesh, who was a Hezbollah leader until the end of the 1990s, contacted the enemy. When I confronted the judge with a bill obtained from the official Lebanese telephone company which contradicts the history of the fabricated bill in the kitchen of the security apparatus of Nasrallah’s party revealing its falsity, corruption and lies, they ignored it. I was put on a criminal trial and was convicted for collaboration with the enemy. I received five years in prison on charges of working for Israel. The military court, the state security apparatus, the military intelligence, and the public security are in the hands of the security apparatus of Nasrallah’s party”

Terrorizing opponents is a method used by Hezbollah, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria’s Assad, ISIS, Qaeda and likes. PS: Shia who were called traitors and Shia of the Embassies for opposing Hezbollah, created a flag similar to Hezbollah’s, but carrying a pen instead of an AK47, entitled; Shia of the embassy.

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