Venus and AdonisVenus and Adonis, oil on canvas by Jacopo Amigoni

PS: Do not read the article if you do not have deep knowledge of Lebanon and the Middle East, it will sound gibberish or Karshoune. But if you have knowledge, you will appreciate the clarity of the article and why other media failed to explain what is behind Hariri’s visit to France and postponing his resignation.

She is the game changer, the delta of erotic, the Goddess of love and war. Hariri her Adonis. Who can resist Aphrodite? No one, especially when she is Exces-sively valuable.

You still are wondering what I am talking about. And you still wonder why Hariri accepted the humiliation of Sunni, accepted Assir’s death sentence, accepted that the killers of his father would rule the country. Then you wondered why Aoun and Hariri accepted the humiliation of the Lebanese Army in Arsal, accepted the laissez-passer of Qaeda and ISIS with weapons and cash, accepted Shadi Mawlawi wandering around, and more. it is all because of Aphrodite and her sisters.

The Sea of Myth and Wealth

Astarte, Ishtar, later Aphrodite or Venus… are nothing but the one Goddess, the Goddess of the East: Ashtarout. Who knows, maybe before monotheism was fabricated, Zeus saw in the Phoenician Princess Euroba the beauty of Ashtarout, so he kidnapped her to give birth to the continent Europe. Not out of nothing Europe’s fate is always related to Lebanon, the Porta to East and West, the realm of beauty and knowledge.

Hariri will hopefully not epitomize Lebanon’s Adonis, whose fate colored the Adonis River, later known as Abraham’s River – that same Abraham who wanted to kill his child because he heard voices in his head commanding him to do so. Today, the myth is forgotten, but the river still pours in the Mediterranean. Creating a beautiful Delta with shallow waters, the Adonis River meets the realm of Aphrodite.

You still do not understand what I am talking about?

Have patience, soon you will meet Aphrodite.
Macron would know. The French created and lived the myth of Lebanon, the Achilles Heel of Middle Eastern. Lebanon’s creation was worse than Israel, worse than the Balfour promise. It occurred in 1926, a thorn in the ribs of the Caliphate. And despite taking its “independence” from France, Lebanon today needed France again to tackle the Aphroditian beauty. Macron was the jolly since day one. He played the game and knew that you should never attack or back Iran in Iran, but in Syria. Macron “speaks Russian” and he is fluent in “Taqqiya”, thus communicates successfully with the terrorist state Iran. He was the middleman who got approved by King Abdullah, by Netanyahu, by Assad, by Khamenei, by Nasrallah, by Putin – and by Trump. He made the bad deal in South West Syria, but in return he and Total earned the bad deal with Iran, which received more than it deserves: PetroPars got 19.9%, the highest percentage a local company ever earned, since the discovery of the cursed oil. Marcon should however know, that all what Iran still needs in order to fulfill its great empire: Know-how. Iran is thirsty for knowledge unlike Saudi Arabia. Iran knows that the path to power is knowledge – and of course deception and lies.

The Aphroil and its beauty at the shores of Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt – made Hariri make a tour to withdraw his resignation. You should have witnessed how Marcon and King Bin Salman debated Aphrodite in the presence of Adonis. And if you still do not understand why Hezbollah did not attack Hariri, why Hariri went to France, then Cyprus, then Egypt, then back to Lebanon to smile to Aoun, then read this older article to understand a bit: EMGC ’17: Execs outline gas prospects for Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel. You will need thousands of those articles or just watch these images.



Do you see Aphrodite lying there in all beauty?

I reported previously in endless reports on: MEA Articles the background of the Hariri crisis and published exclusive information about correlated issues. Today, again, I sat at my desk, read about the Putin-Trump entretien, watched pictures of Berri chauffeuring Hariri to Baabda, the same Hariri who hugged Macron, then Anastasiades, then Sisi, then Aoun – whose son-in-law stood in Moscow threatening Europe and Saudi Arabia on behalf of Russia, a proxy used and thrown by superpowers, like all other Hampelmännern in Lebanon.

And if you think the crisis ended, you are wrong, it just began, except if Trump is really a Hampelmann and the Russia-Gate is really fake. Then, Aphrodite will remain unravaged by the men around its basin and we will never witness the Anemones.


Happy Dependence Day to my beloved country Lebanon. While the poor Lebanese citizens seriously believe that there is a good man ruling Lebanon, in reality they shared the cake.

Joumana Gebara ~ Senior Middle East Analyst, Myth Expert and Mind Reader.

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