Suddenly, Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson is talking on behalf of the Christians of the Middle East as if he cares about them. I saw Carlson’s tweet because he was retweeted by the Russian – Iranian – Assadist – Hezbollah network, they were happy to find a U.S. prominent media figure promoting their agenda: Ousting the U.S. from the Middle East and siding with Russia/Assad against a strike.



Now, Carlson is on my blacklist. I have been monitoring him and several U.S. journalists and politicians, who promote Russia’s agenda. However, Tucker Carlson demonstrated ultimate ignorance:

  • He claimed striking Assad means the Christians of the Middle East will be killed. What a super-nonsense. With which Christian did Carlson talk? The ones who are Baath (fake Christians) on Assad’s payroll? Did he talk to any Christian in the Middle East at all? Or did he fall for Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo just like Ann Coulter and think that this Hezbollah psyop is a Christian, while she is a Muslim terrorist in reality.

Well, dear Mr. Carlson, you may be happy about the 14K retweets by Russians, but we, Christians in the Middle East, do NOT want Assad to rule us. We want an equilibrium of forces in the Middle East. And there is a lot more to tell you about our aspirations, if you care listen to us, instead of psyops and fake Christians.

  • He claimed the alternative to Assad is Qaeda. JUST HILARIOUS. The only place where there’s Qaeda is IDLIB. And guess twice who made deals with Qaeda and sent them to Idlib? And guess twice from which mosques and schools these Mujahideen graduated? Yes, it was Assad, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah who made deals with the Mujahideen, who graduated from Assad’s mosques and schools.

Dr. Joshua Landis is married to an Alawite Syrian and backs Assad. In his study, “Islamic Education in Syria: Undoing Secularism on Syria’s curriculum, he wrote: 

Islamic education in Syrian schools is traditional, rigid, and Sunni. The Ministry of Education makes no attempt to inculcate notions of tolerance or respect for religious traditions other than Sunni Islam. […] At first view, one might expect Syria to promote a liberal and tolerant view of religious difference in its religion curriculum. […] Nevertheless, Syria has chosen not to follow a path of religious liberalism. Instead, it has pursued an integralist policy of nation-building for the last 40 years under the Ba`th Party. The Asads have struggled to be good Sunnis, not to make Sunnis into good liberals. […] One can only wonder how long Syria’s reputation for tolerance and willingness to protect religious minorities will survive its Alawite ascendancy.

Not to mention Assad’s crackdown on secular democratic civil organizations and their members, while enforcing Sunni Islamists: If Carlson is considered a prominent U.S. journalist, then U.S. journalism is extremely poor and ill-informed, thus is contributing to Russian disinformation and propaganda.

  • He claimed that ISIS would rule. There is 5% ISIS in Syria, and surely NOT Assad fought it, instead he sent them in first class buses and threatened the U.S. for wanting to strike them.

Carlson demonstrates the poor journalism of US and to be the porta-voce of Russian propaganda.

Poor America. The nemesis of journalism and rise of Russian propaganda.

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