After having met today with several U.S. Central Command Generals and the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS Brett McGurk, at 8:00 pm tonight, January 20, 2018, YPG’s delegation led by Sipan Hamo will meet the Syrian regime’s special security adviser Ali Mamlouk and the Russian delegates at Hmeimim base in Latakia to elaborate the situation in Afrin, North West Syria. Turkey had launched an attack against Afrin claiming that the U.S. wants to establish a Kurdish Force and Canton in North Syria.

There is nothing”secret” about the meeting as it was discussed with the U.S. Central Command. Afrin is under the control of YPG and Russia, the U.S. has no foot in Afrin. Russia’s Lavrov who is currently in the U.S. first denied Turkey’s report that his troops have withdrawn from Afrin, but later did an official statement claiming they withdrew to secure the life of the Russian soldiers.

The Russian rejected the YPG’s request to meet personally in Moscow with the Russian delegates and suggested instead to meet in the Hmeimim air base with the famous butcher and Assad’s right hand Ali Mamlouk. Ali Mamlouk is Iran’s man in Syria and is known for endless crimes inside Syria and Lebanon. He was the one who orchestrated the VBIEDs in the Christians and Sunni regions in Lebanon. Germany’s public prosecutor Peter Frank opened an investigation in 2017 against Mamlouk for war crimes in Syria after the disclosure of the “Caesar” files.

Lavrov’s statement indicates that Russia couldn’t agree with the U.S. in Washington on Syria and thus signaled to Turkey to attack Afrin in an attempt to blackmail the Kurds who are the U.S. allies and thus blackmail the U.S. too.

What can happen?

If Russia really withdrew from Afrin and dropped support to the Kurds, it would be ideal. MEA’s advice to YPG is not to conclude any deal with the Russians but benefit of getting rid of them in Afrin and call for U.S. boots to substitute them. Further, instead of only being on the defensive in Afrin, YPG should march toward Iskandarun and open a sea corridor, toward Jarablus and free it from Turkey to connect the cantons, and toward Damascus and liberate it from the butchers Assad and Mamlouk. Attack is the best form of defence.

And who knows, maybe there is by chance a drone for Mamlouk over Hmeimim, just like in recent weeks.

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