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Why is there so much confusion within Hariri’s own rows? Why is the Western media reporting that Hariri is arrested by Saudi Arabia?  Why President Aoun and others in the camp of Hezbollah are claiming Saudi kidnapped Hariri?

People keep asking me why in Hariri’s rows there are some claiming he is kidnapped by Saudi? Why President Aoun and others in camp of Hezbollah are claiming Saudi kidnapped Hariri?

MidEastAnalyst was able to acquire exclusive internal information on Hariri.

  1. Hariri was “OK” with Hezbollah after the deal to become Prime Minister. He, Aoun, Hezbollah shared oil and gas deals. Even on Arsal they agreed and embarrassed the Army, Lebanon… and the U.S.
  2. Hariri thought Hezbollah will be weakened in Syria in a Russian-Israel deal after Saudi-Russia’s FDI deals. Hariri disregarded that Hezbollah hijacked Lebanon’s infrastructure, sea and airports, political and military decision. War in Yemen, expenses of Saudi.
  3. It is true that he is not arrested but he wanted his deals with Hezbollah-Aoun-France-Russia so that he gets cash and thus he can be independent from Saudi’s cash.
  4. Hariri has internal enemies in his rows.
  5. We speculate that Hariri may be trapped and can be blackmailed by Aoun and Hezbollah. We are still trying to find out what they have in their hands against him. But in any case, it seems that Hariri too has them in the hand.

Regarding Aoun and Hezbollah:

Of course Hezbollah has all reasons to make claims that Saudi Arabia kidnapped Hariri to divert from all its crimes. But the most interesting is the attitude of President Aoun and especially his son-in-law Foreign Minister Bassil who from Moscow said:

There is an attempt to create chaos in the region and what Lebanon is being exposed to,,and any kind of punishment Lebanon may suffer from, will affect the entire region. If the Prime Minister did a mistake, the Lebanese will punish him and replace him, not the foreign forces. There are Lebanese personalities involved in what happened and time will prove it. After the return of Hariri without restriction, things will be built as required. We will maintain stability. Lebanon after Hariri may be as before and he will decide by himself when he returns to his country soon. The stability of Lebanon is a prelude to the continued stability of Europe, and disruption of the stability of security in Lebanon will have direct consequences on Europe. There is an attempt to create chaos in the region and what is exposed to Lebanon is proof.

Why would Bassil mention Europe from Russia? Why is Bassil threatening Saudi Arabia from Russia?

As mentioned in previous reports, what Hariri did brought chaos into the huge business deals of the axes: Russia-Iran-Iraq-Lebanon-France and Russia-Kurdistan-Turkey-Germany. However, Patriarch Rahi visited Saudi Arabia 4 days ago. It was a historical visit, he is the first Christian Cleric to visit Saudi Arabia. Rahi met Hariri and he did not declare that Hariri is arrested. At the contrary, Rahi declared: I am convinced that Hariri has all reasons to fear for his life, Iran hijacked Lebanon.

It is obvious that Saudi Arabia is working on a huge alliance with the Christians, disregarding Aoun who is in Hezbollah’s pocket. Rahi is the strongest Christian in Lebanon. Bassil was incapable to attack Rahi and this indicates that things are shifting. If Hariri remains on his decision, expect huge changes: and

Joumana Gebara ~ Senior Middle East Analyst.

Side notes:

  • The Independent published unconfirmed information that Saudi Arabia offered to the arrested Royal Princes a deal to give up 70% of their wealth in return to their freedom
  • Lebanese in Qatar who are working for Saudi companies lost their jobs post-diplomatic and trade cut of ties between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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