There is no difference between Sunni and Shia Mujahideen

Despite the denial of their crimes and reporting videos on youtube and moreover fabricating videos that they are “angels and saviors”, Shia Islamists are Mujahideen just like Sunni Mujahideen and remain a cancer like ISIS and Qaeda. There is no difference between both, but what distinguishes Shia Islamists is that they master the art of deception and lies to convince you otherwise. This page is unique on the web, this exclusive archive includes rare videos, which were collected to expose Iran’s Islamist regime and its Islamic doctrine, Assad’s criminal regime and his dictatorship doctrine, the Islamist doctrine of Houthi, PMU and Hezbollah’s crimes.

Joumana Gebara discards the terrorist Shiite or Shia Mujahideen. Shiite or Shia Mujahideenn who try to portray themselves as “saviors” and “fighters” of terrorism, but in reality are the same as Sunni Mujahideen. Both terrorists have the same agenda: They want to establish an Islamic Caliphate or Imamah. Shia use deception, hanging, burning, stabbing, torturing and other methods to achieve their goal. A sample of videos disclosed by MEA, and remain uncovered by the Western media, incriminate the Shia Mujahideen. MEA Analyst also analyzes in-depth the methods used by Shia Mujahideen to expand and achieve their goal. The video was first published within a thread by @JoumanaGebara on Twitter about Shia Mujahideen but as usual Twitter keeps silencing Joumana Gebara and suspending her accounts, because she does not have an agenda. She was the only one to discard the Shia Mujahideen crimes in English and that Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo is Hezbollah part of the Russian network subject of Mueller’s investigations in the U.S. All her work is lost.

The crimes committed by Shia Mujahideen and their agenda in Iraq and Syria was purposely hidden from the Western public and even Lebanese public because the war was against Sunni during the era of the Iran Deal. Too bad, uncovering Shia crimes would have given the U.S. cards in its hands for better negotiations and at the same time pressured on Sunni and showed the importance of fair media in wars. The U.S. would have also taken away Iran’s arm from Iraq, the PMU instead of struggling today. President Obama’s administration made too many concessions to Iran and this will have a horrendous impact for the coming decade. How the U.S. will maintain its presence in Syriais questionable, its abilities rely on local and regional support which currently is the U.S. weakness and threat. A lot of diplomacy by Trump’s administration is required while the media should aggressively discard Russia and Iran and weaken them, in the framework of a coordinated strategy, so that diplomacy can take effect.

The videos show all aspects of Shia and Alawites culture which is the same as Sunni culture, whether revenge, beheading, burning, cutting people, torturing them, corruption, inciting, leading people to commit suicide, psycho-terror, killing of opposition, mistreatment of the poor, calling to kill infidels (Christians and Jews), killing of Christians, calling to establish Islamic states. All videos are recent from 2011 till today. This page is unique on the web, you will find rare videos collected to expose Iran’s Islamist regime, Assad’s criminal regime, PMU and Hezbollah’s crimes.

Joumana Gebara

Investigative Journalist, Analyst, MEA

Important Disclaimer

The videos are very graphic and minors under 18 years old are prohibited from watching them.

Head of PMU, Abu Izrael is Shia, here he is burning a dead Sunni, possibly ISIS, but it is not a justification. You can’t be barbaric and call others barbaric. Besides, burning dead people and enjoying its a psychopathic behavior. He also cruciified many people and burned them.

Shia PMU and ISF kill child in cold blood then call Allahu Akbar. Extremely cruel, but this can be said about all videos.

Shia PMU and ISF behead POWs. Very graphic.

Shia PMU and ISF shoot POWs in cold blood.

PMU cutting man and taking out his heart. Multiple people film it.

Assad’s Shabiha stabbing living opposition POWs to death in 2011.

More videos of savage torture of POWs by PMU and ISF.

Shia PMU and ISF torturing POWs and call them Dawaesh.

Assad killed many Christians in Syria.

Hezbollah annd IRGC brutally torturing and killing Syrians in Syria who call to oust them.

Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah praises and explains the act of suicide bombing (Shia use martyrdom to describe it) for example through VBIED in a van to blow the enemy. This practice used by Hezbollah against Christians, Sunni, Druze, Shia in Lebanon opposing them, also against the US and French Marines in Lebanon in 1983, in Kuwait and Lebanon US Embassy, against Israeli in Lebanon is also taugh to Qaeda and its branches.

Shia war song in Farsi to heat Shia in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, Nigeria, Syria, Iran and Iraq: Dying is better than being humiliated. We want to be Shahid (martyrdom as preached by Khomeini).  Inciting against US and Israel (Christians and Jews).

Shia PMU and ISF cutting off ears of POWs.

Shia ISF and PMU torturing POWs.

Shia Imam says that these are countries of Muslim and Islam must be etablished on them.

Iran former Minister admits that Iran sends journalists, academics and others as spies to the West.

Iranian woman commits suicide because she is poor.

Shia PMU and ISF cut bodies of people in pieces. Very graphic.

Hezbollah the Shia terrorist org torturing women and children at Yarmouk Palestinian Camp in Syria in 2015

PMU stab POW to death in 2017 then brag about it in Shia foums.

Shia PMU shooting living POWs in cold blood.

Shia ISF and PMU torture savagely POWs.

Shia PMU and ISF brag about number of killed enemies and sing a war song praising being barbaric for Allah to recruite more fighters.

Iranian IRGC brags that they successfully exported the Islamic Imamah “Revolution” (Caliphate) and that they took over and arrived till Beirut and took it, too. He also says there is an Islamic State being established in Sinai and Egypt.

Just like ISIS, Shia train cubs to become Mujahideen. This video show Shia cubs of Iraq but they practice the same method in Iran Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria.


Iraqi Shia says Iran treats Shia badly and abuses them.

A Shia Imam shows the lies of Hassan Nasrallah head of Hezbollah.

Eight thousand Shia Houthi children soldiers who are not even 13 years old recruited as fighters and human shields. They are also given drugs and are sexually abused.

Shia businesses in Morocco do not employ people except if they convert to Shia.

Shia PMU cut off ear of POW. There are many videos showing cut off of ears of POWs.

Shia PMU burn people and Algerian journalist vetted in their rows in Iraq enjoys it.

Shia PMU and ISF pulling man by car…. alive.

Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah: We are woking on a project, but we shall not establish an independent Islamic State in Lebanon, we shall establish the Islamic State part of Wilayat al-Fakih led by the Iranian Supreme Leader and Lebanon is only part of it.

Nasrallah: Is it allowed to sell your weapon to the Lebanese Forces or an Israeli? No, because they are the enemy of our religion [Islam].

This video proves that when Shia say: Death to Amrika, they mean death to the Christians, and when they say: Death to Israel, they mean death to the Jews. This was confirmed by many native Iranian experts, too.

Shia PMU and ISF torturing living POW then pulling him with a car.

Shia ISF kill a boy because he is Sunni and run a tank over his body. This video can make you cry and wonder in which era we are living. Iraq’s government allegedely investigate the perpetrators but it lied to protect them.

IRGC: The Syrian are soldiers of our Iranian Islamic Revolution (Caliphate)

Iran is an Islamic State just like Saudi Arabia and ISIS. This video shows life and punishment under Sharia. Simply said: Medieval, they did not reach civilization. Shia Islamists are like Sunni Islamists.

Please note the “Allahu Akbar”, God is Greater, while torturing and killing people.

An old Iranian man kicked out of hospital because he is too poor to pay for his treatment, but let us accuse the CIA, Zionists and EU for the demos.

Shia PMU throwing living POWs off the cliff like ISIS did.

Documentary how PMU kidnap people and take ransom to enrich themselves and take taxes at crossings.

Shia PMU burning and cutting people just like ISIS

Shia PMU savagely torture POWs.

After Assad bombed Christian church “Church of Love”, a Christian woman survived and cries that Assad destroyed all their properties.

Assadist Shia Imam wishes he could contribute to killing non-Assadists.

Iran’s funding of Hezbollah in numbers.

Shia PMU brutally torturing POWs.

Iraqi journalist cries heavily as the children of Iraq tell him that they feed on garbage fruits and vegetables – “which animals would not eat.”

Russia sends ISIS back to Chechnya and Russia in a deal with Kurds of KRG,

Iran’s regime torturing and killing peaceful demonstrators in cold blood.

Iran cuts off water to Iraq, builds illegally a dam and sends salt water to the Iraqi farmers thus killed all agriculture and fauna. 0% farming led to immigration.

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