I read a couple of reports evaluating the Syria strike, of course each from his country’s point of view may be right or wrong, but there remains a lot untold. The strike in Syria contained three major factors, which have a larger impact: Precision, Action and Alliance.

Words Are Action

Trump had lost complete credibility in the Kreis of the Russian axis (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Assad thus North Korea and Venezuela too). Many are the opinion that Russia has him in its pocket, thus he would not react to Assad’s permanent chemical attacks. He is more words than actions, is what circulates. No one was taking the entire U.S. seriously anymore, especially in the framework of the North Korean talks. China had succeeded for the first time since centuries, since the Mongols and Seljuks to reach Syria. Turkey was emboldened, Russia revived its dead port and took over key-points on the silk road, Assad remained president, Iran expanded and Hezbollah is stronger than ever before. Hezbollah’s milieu calls often the U.S. as cowards who run away when attacked. Tanf, Deir Ezzor and this strike were eminent, even though they were precise.You may think precise means nothing, that’s wrong, it means U.S. knows exactly where is what and this is more terrifying for the Russian axis.

Precision is voluminous

Consciously or unconsciously, and whatever you hear, the strike was more eminent than you think. It was not about bringing down the three buildings, which were evacuated. It was not about the buildings per se, it was about two eminent factors:

1- Striking Assad in the capital city of Syria. It was a precise strike in the heart of Assad and his allies. Damascus is the capital, which Assad had permanently protected. The strike showed that U.S., U.K. annd France can get till Assad’s office, with high precision.

2- And moreover, the three buildings are only symbolic, what is terrifying is the capability of identifying the three buildings and striking them at night with extremely high precision. The anti-missiles systems, which Russia provides are useless and will not find markets.

Alliance, U.S. and E.U.

The alliance between the U.S., U.K. and E.U. petrifies Russia, its Alt Right, Alt Left, Left, Iran, Assad. Russia and its axis was incapable of breaking their ranks despite Brexit, despite disinformation, despite infiltrating the governments of the enemy and deploying native citizens who are Russian spokesmen.

Uncalculated Impact

The strike is a game changer and impacts directly Lebanon, Russia, Assad, Iran and Turkey.

The Lebanese were reminded that U.S. is still powerful, this impacts the alliances and also the coming elections – which maybe will not occur but if they do, the Hezbollah fans will vote anyway for Hezbollah but the ones who were indecisive and wanted to join the Russian axis are now thinking twice. The strike revealed that Russia is weak, it does not have an army in Syria and does not have upper hand. The anti-missiles systems it provides are useless and will not find markets. The precision strikes showed how accurate the tripartite can be.

Impact on Turkey, the warplanes were launched from Cyprus. A clear signal to Turkey, it then backed the strike AFTER it occurred although it was initially against it, Turkey now also is rethinking its position.

Impact on Russia as Gorbachev warned that the strike was only a sign that a greater strike can occur. This will push Putin to a deal. It is time for the U.S. to lay down – at least for itself- a clear path and inform the U.S. citizen about the importance of the Middle East and its impact on the U.S. strategic interests and economy.

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