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Let this be very clear!

I read several reports blaming Kurds on cooperating with Russia in Afrin among others this article by Breitbart which proves how public opinion is misled and manipulated with lies.

  • Kurds meet Russian after informing the U.S. Army, there was never anything hidden, thus accusing Kurds of a double game is absolute nonsense. Also, Muslim Arab Syrian and Christians attend those meetings with any side. The Command of the U.S. Army knows exactly what is going on!

  • The U.S. clearly said in 2016 (2 yrs ago) as Turkey began threatening invasion of Afrin that it can’t cross to West Euphrates because it has a deal with Russia and is under Russian control, thus Kurds and all of SDF out of respect to the U.S. and Syria’s territory and laws, accepted Russia’s control on Afrin. No other option! They even got blackmailed by Russia!
  • The U.S. Administration and U.S. Army clearly told Syrians and the world several times that it is only in Syria to fight Qaeda and ISIS a subsidiary of Qaeda, till today 16 Feb 2018 there is no other U.S. Congress approval for the U.S. Army to stay in Syria

  • It was FSA who in 2016 called the U.S. Army Kuffar, pigs, out of Syria. The very USA which supported FSA upon request of Turkey while SDF always supported U.S. even in regions they did NOT want to enter like Raqqa, DeirEzzor, Mayadeen etc and thousands Kurds and SDF died fighting ISIS!
  • Actually I had to convince many SDF to go to Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Mayadeen, they didn’t want at all so I said
    • You can’t let your U.S. ally down
    • ISIS must get out
    • Eventually trade those regions
      Many have no damn idea what’s really going on, SDF fighters died in the belief the U.S. is their ally!
  • SDF permanently strove to include Arab Sunni from FSA into its rows but it was Turkey which permanently incited the Syrian Sunni against Kurds and to quit SDF like the fights in Raqqa proved when Sunni fought Kurds instead of ISIS! Thus, SDF was assaulted by both ISIS and Syrian Sunni in Raqqa simultaneously!
  • It was FSA which never respected US. For example beside all the insults to the U.S. Army by several FSA factions, because they viewed the U.S. Army as Christians, among others the U.S. Army permanently told them that it is not allowed to fight Assad but must focus on ISIS but as we witnessed they refused in Tanf which is in South Syria, to obey and some even then joined SAA for $$$ or ISIS and spread lies about the U.S. Army!!!
  • FSA never had anything to offer for citizens living in their area except Jihad and Islam, while SDF and specifically Kurds made sure there is a civil project. SDF even ensured EQUAL RIGHTS and a great share of democracy which don’t exist except in their areas while abolishing various forms of Sharia.
  • No one was blackmailed by Russia and Assad like SDF especially Kurds, which cut for them power, issuing school certificates and much more to let Kurds subjugate to Assad.

So accusing Kurds or any current SDF element of double games isn’t only blatant bullshit but is a crime, you don’t even know reality!! You don’t live in North and East Syria nor know the problems they faced in order to create a civilized area and survive! You have no idea about the suffering, no one likes to die, they do not have this doctrine. They sacrificed for a better life for others and in loyalty to the U.S. Army.

And let me remind you that the U.S. also meets with Russia and no one accused it of double games.

FSA, Turkey, ISIS, Qaeda meet Russia and made deals with it! So people have to get their facts right!



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