Joumana Gebara is president and chief executive officer of MEA- MidEastAnalyst, a nonpartisan research organization that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. MEA is also specialized in digital communication, social media analysis, media consulting, cross-cultural counseling and linguistic utilities. Gebara has helped MEA become a leading source of expertise, analysis and evidence-based ideas in an increasingly complex and polarized policymaking environment.

Biography of Joumana Gebara

Results-oriented international communications, advertising and marketing strategist with multidisciplinary expertise in the private and public sector. Professional instructor in versatile educational disciplines. Political and cross-cultural expert with multiple language skills and extensive historical, religious and legal system knowledge of Middle Eastern countries. Business analyst specializing in plans for acquisition and procurement of services and products, economic and financial plans. Professional writer and reporter with experience in various media outlet. Published author. Selected as the only Lebanese woman from a non-feudal political family to monitor US presidential electoral campaign. Fluent in: English, Arabic, German, French, Italian.

As a Political Risk Analyst with over 20 years’ experience covering Europe and the Middle East, Senior military SME and Terrorism Analyst, Gebara acquired in-depth experience and political knowledge on the status of Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Palestinian territories and Egypt. Specialized in extensive research, political assessments, strategic planning and thorough insight in political networks, Gebara proved to be a think tank on her own, who is able to provide key insight into the complex political developments of the Middle Eastern region in various languages.

Previously, in the field of education as lecturer at the university at the faculties of Business administration and Economics as well as Humanities, which encompassed various senior graduate courses, Gebara ensured that students can put the theoretical education of students into practice. Through her education and working experience in several companies and public institutions in various countries, Gebara was able to acquire a broad knowledge and analytical mind. Gebara is able to assess markets and political developments in the Middle East within a short time. Most – if not all of her political developments’ forecasts and analysis – were accurate.

Already in Germany, Gebara was voted for in absentia to represent the evening university in her area at the International Linguistic Progress. Today, Gebara was chosen to represent and manage MEA – MidEastAnalyst because of her expertise, passion in what she does, respect to the views and wisdom in managing the team. Gebara is often quoted and interviewed in diverse disciplines. Gebara is reliable, honest and has a unique human approach despite the conflict of interests, which has proven key success for her career and for MEA – MidEastAnalyst. Joumana Gebara was always a role model for her compatriots, she dares what few dared. Her political opinion was highly estimated and her analytical proposals were permanently visionaire and light years ahead of her generation.