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Turkey is Qaeda’s patron in Idlib

Turkey is Qaeda’s patron in Idlib

My interview with journalist Paul Iddon for Ahval. Q: Do you know roughly how much of Idlib HTS now control since the Turkish-backed militiamen lost ground to them earlier this month? A: Idlib is completely under HTS’ control, jointly with Turkey. This does not come...

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23 October 1983 – Beirut, Lebanon

23 October 1983 – Beirut, Lebanon

The story of the Marines narrated from the point of view of a Lebanese child: 1983 Beirut, 34 years later. I could leave the page blank, yet alone the title would fill the void with deepest memory for so many people. Some would feel victorious, others defeated. Some...

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Hezbollah Terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo


U.S. Jerks Tulsi Gabbard, Ann Coulter and Rand Paul support Hezbollah terrorist Sarah Abdallah @sahouraxo