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Turkey and regional rivals clash in Libya

This article appeared under Turkey and regional rivals clash in Libya  By Paul Iddon 2019-04-16 With the civil war in Libya heating up once again, Turkey’s role there may become significantly more important. Turkey supported the NATO operation that helped a popular...

Understanding Turkey’s Role in Libya

Background and History: Turkey in Libya Turkey has been an active actor in Libya since the begin of the revolution [the Arab Spring] in 2011. Unlike in Afghanistan, Turkey took pride of being NATO’s spearhead in Libya, but at the same time it tried to assume...

Tulsi Gabbard’s Network Means Thieves, Alt-Right, Radical Left, and Terrorists-This Is Putin’s Girl.

Author:  themillennialdemocrats The more we find out about the junior Hawaiian congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, the deeper down the rabbit hole we go. Gabbard has something for everyone, we wrote back in 2017, in an article entitled The Tangled Tale of Tulsi...

Turkey is Qaeda’s patron in Idlib

My interview with journalist Paul Iddon for Ahval. Q: Do you know roughly how much of Idlib HTS now control since the Turkish-backed militiamen lost ground to them earlier this month? A: Idlib is completely under HTS’ control, jointly with Turkey. This does not come...

Why did President Trump gift Syria to Turkey’s Erdogan?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan briefly met his US counterpart Donald Trump in New York, September 25, 2018. Photo: AA / social media My interview with journalist Ashraf Binandeh from Kurds Press kurdspress.com in the aftermath of President Trump's declaration...

Emboldened by Trump, Netanyahu, now Assad dictates policies again on Lebanon

Emboldened by Trump and Netanyahu, now Assad is dictating on others his policy everywhere. Careless of reactions, thousands of citizens arrested during the war for opposing Assad, were simply declared dead.

President Trump is paying Putin a treasure

Trump is offering Putin:

The U.S. withdraws from North, South and East Syria, where it has allies from locals for the first time in the history of the U.S.
Thus U.S. gifts to Russia 35% of Syria, which has 65-70% of Syria’s economy and Tanf, which is worth billions of dollars and a corridor for weapons and drugs, in return to what Putin ALREADY WANTS: Withdrawal of Iran.

Evaluating the Syria strike: Do not underestimate three factors “precision”, “action” and “alliance”

I read a couple of reports evaluating the Syria strike, of course each from his country's point of view may be right or wrong, but there remains a lot untold. The strike in Syria contained three major factors, which have a larger impact: Precision, Action and...

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23 October 1983 – Beirut, Lebanon

23 October 1983 – Beirut, Lebanon

The story of the Marines narrated from the point of view of a Lebanese child: 1983 Beirut, 34 years later. I could leave the page blank, yet alone the title would fill the void with deepest memory for so many people. Some would feel victorious, others defeated. Some...

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